Bergama Theater Festival Starts Tomorrow

bergama theater festival starts tomorrow
bergama theater festival starts tomorrow

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its works within the framework of Mayor Tunç Soyer's vision of transforming İzmir into a city of culture and arts. The second of the Bergama Theater Festival, which is also supported by the Metropolitan Municipality, starts tomorrow after a three-year hiatus. The festival, which will bring together national and international communities with art lovers, will end on August 29.

Bergama Theater Festival, organized by BERaBER and 3dots, with the support of the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the support of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bergama Municipality, Bergama Culture and Art Foundation (BERKSAV), Bergama Chamber of Commerce (BERTO) and Neither Yerde Ne Gökte Association, starts tomorrow. . 25 national and international plays will be staged at the festival, which will be held for the second time this year after a three-year hiatus. The festival, which will bring together national and international communities with art lovers, will start tomorrow (August 26) and end on August 29.

The festival program, directed by Öner Eren Arıkan, takes into account four basic issues such as providing opportunities for local as well as international plays, creating an environment that will contribute to the sectoralization of amateur-professional theaters, granting access to social and cultural life, and increasing the participation of children and young people. was prepared.

Selections, workshops, panels

In addition to a special viewing experience in the iconic venues of Bergama, a full program of panels and workshops awaits the participants at the festival. Selections, workshops and panels will meet with the participants under 7 titles: “From the Stage”, “From the World”, “From Bergama”, “From the Region”, “For Children”, “Festival Special” and “Side Events”.

Under the title “From the Stage”, A Baba Hamlet (Father Stage), Railway Storytellers (Kumbaracı50), Fü (Theater Terminal), Everyone Looks Like My Husband (Kadıköy Emek Theater), Isgüzar Bir Repetition (Theater Platform), The Picture of the Sound (Dot Theatre), What We Carry (Bare Feet Company), God of Violence (DasDas) plays can be watched during the festival.

Under the title of Selections from the World, Mandala – David Somlo (Hungary) and Petite Mécanique Humaine – Cie Kontamine (France) will take place in this year's festival program.

From Bergama, the performances of Adam Adam (Eyüp Gülmez), Diary of a Madman (BERKSAV Chamber Theatre), Modern Improvisational Theater Show and Psychosis 4.48 (Bora Çınar) can be watched as part of the festival program.

In the title From the Region, the plays Dream / Sheikh Bedreddin Epic (Heybe Theatre), Fugitive Tea Performance (tibia x fibula), Almost Strange (Performance Research Lab.), Parchment (Project Diffusion) can be seen.

This year, the title of the festival is A Karagöz Play / Liar Sahici (Things, Puppet and Object Theatre), Laughing King (Mozart PSM), Fairy Tale Inside (Samovar Kumpanya), Trapezoid Food (Fashion Stage) and Elephant Hatching from Egg (Atta Festival) for Children. will meet with children's audiences.

Bergama Stereo Bergama + Drum Back Step (Cevdet Erek) and Far (Space Plus Berlin) performances are getting ready to meet the audience in the Festival Special category.

"Special for one audience" adventure!

Bergama, Bergama streets, avenues and historical areas are transformed into playgrounds in the far game. The audience participates in an adventure designed “for a single audience” between the past and the future, in the Kale Mahallesi of Bergama, through headphones.
Cevdet Erek, who reinterpreted the Great Altar of Pergamon, which he took as his starting point, with sound architecture and performances, exhibited the first of these interpretations, Bergama Stereo, in 2019 as part of the Ruhrtrienale in Bochum and at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum in Berlin. The artist will exhibit the first steps of the long-term continuation of the project, which will take place in Bergama, at the festival.

Panels, workshops, walks, workshops for children and intangible cultural heritage workshops, which can be followed under the title of Side Events during the festival, were designed within the framework of the four main themes of the festival, sectorization, localization, participation of children, youth and disabled individuals in culture and arts.

A Father Hamlet, Railroad Storytellers, and God of Wild tickets are now on sale on the Scooter.

To access the festival program, please Click here.

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