Permanent Transportation Projects Planned for Kastamonu Proceed Rapidly

Permanent transportation projects planned for Kastamonu continue rapidly
Permanent transportation projects planned for Kastamonu continue rapidly

In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it was stated that the problems caused by the flood disaster were eliminated in Kastamonu on the one hand, and the planning and construction of the permanent transportation projects planned for Kastamonu continued rapidly.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure reported that the traces of the disaster in Kastamonu, which was affected by the flood, started to disappear and life was gradually normalizing. In the statement made by the Ministry, it was emphasized that very important projects have been implemented in Kastamonu since 2003, while on the one hand the problems caused by the flood disaster were eliminated, on the other hand, permanent projects were planned for Kastamonu and their constructions were continuing rapidly.

221 construction machines and 298 personnel continue to work

In the statement of the Ministry, in which it was noted that damage occurred on 553 kilometers of 10 roads with a length of 59,5 kilometers due to the flood disaster in Kastamonu, it was stated that, together with the works done so far, the damages in 8 kilometers of 35 roads were repaired and 411 kilometers of road sections were opened to traffic. It was stated that the work continues on the 142 km section of the remaining 2 km long 24,5 roads.

In the statement, it was stated that the work continues with 142 construction machines and 2 personnel on 24,5 kilometers of 221 roads of 298 kilometers, and information about the roads opened was given:

“On the damaged 42-meter-long Valay-1 bridge on the Cide-Kastamonu road, on the 50-meter-long Küre Iki tea bridge on the Inebolu-Kastamonu road, on the 58-meter-long Zarbana Bridge on the Cide-Inebolu road, on the Kastamonu-Daday-Azdavay road As a result of the intense works carried out from the first moment on the 41-meter-long Azdavay Bridge on the Ulus-Pınarbaşı road, the 32-meter-long Kanlıçay Bridge on the Ulus-Pınarbaşı road, and the 113-meter-long Abana Bridge on the İnebolu-Abana-Çatalzeytin road, the problems were resolved and the roads were opened to traffic.

In the statement, it was emphasized that instead of the 68-meter long Çatalzeytin Bridge, which was destroyed due to heavy rains, the road connecting Çatalzeytin-Türkeli districts was temporarily opened to traffic with a bridge built by placing 2×2 prefabricated culverts, and the necessary works for permanent projects to replace all the destroyed bridges are rapidly continuing.

Investment in Kastamonu has increased 2003 times since 23

The statement underlined that there is a total road network of 712 kilometers in Kastamonu, 580 kilometers of which are State Highways and 292 kilometers of Provincial Roads, the following information is included;

“A total of 2002 kilometers of divided roads were built in Kastamonu from previous years until the end of 47. Between 2003 and 2021, 618 kilometers of divided roads were built with an increase of 288 percent, and a total of 334 kilometers of divided road network of Kastamonu was reached. While 1993 million TL was spent for road works in Kastamonu between 2002 and 278, this figure reached 2003 billion 2021 million TL with an increase of 23 times between 6-742. As of today, 8 projects continue in Kastamonu. The total amount of these projects is 8 billion 719 million TL.”

Minister Karaismailoğlu "Our aim is to complete the production of our permanent bridges in at least two months"

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, noted that efforts are continuing to bring life back to normal in Kastamonu, and that the construction of permanent projects on closed roads and bridges continues. Reminding that the Çatalzeytin bridge between Kastamonu and Sinop was destroyed due to the disaster, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “We built our night bridge and put it into operation in less than 24 hours at the site of this bridge. At the same time, we made our plans to implement all our road and bridge projects in the region. We are starting these. Again, we start on the Çatalzeytin-Kastamonu road and the Bozkurt-Kastamonu road. We will start working on other transportation routes in the coming days. Our aim is to complete the construction of our permanent bridges damaged by the flood in at least two months,” he said.

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