Hasan Mountain Will Become a New Attraction Center with Ski Center Project

Hasan mountain will be a new attraction center with its ski center project
Hasan mountain will be a new attraction center with its ski center project

📩 19/08/2021 11:41

Hasan Mountain, which has an important place among the natural beauties of Central Anatolia, will become a popular place for winter tourism.

Carrying out many works to reveal the natural and historical beauties of the city and to bring it to tourism, Mayor Dr. Evren Dinçer started work on the construction of a ski resort on Mount Hasan and bringing it into winter tourism. Mayor Evren Dinçer, Deputy Cengiz Aydoğdu and technical team made investigations on Hasan Mountain.

A detailed study has been initiated to bring Hasan Mountain, which is in the 2nd place in terms of height in the Central Anatolia region, to winter tourism. It is aimed to increase the tourism opportunities of the city, to contribute to employment and to bring a new mobility to the region with the realization of the Hasan Mountain Ski Center project, where the project design continues.

Mayor Evren Dinçer works hard to reveal the tourism potential of Hasan Mountain, which is one of the symbolic objects of Aksaray, which is 3 thousand 268 meters in altitude and covered with oak trees.

In his statement, President Dinçer stated that they plan to introduce the magnificent view of Hasan Mountain to both Turkey and the whole world with the ski center planned to be built on Mount Hasan. Emphasizing that Aksaray has unique beauties with its cultural and natural beauties, President Dr. Evren Dinçer underlined that all these values ​​will bring new gains to Aksaray.

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