prevailing air command control system
06 Ankara

JUDGE Air Command Control System

It will be developed in line with the national operational needs to be determined by the Turkish Air Force Command, and will ensure that it can be seamlessly integrated with the sensors, weapon systems and command and control elements that are planned to be included in the inventory in the future. [more…]

diseases triggered in the summer season

Gynecological Diseases Triggered in Summer

The sun, the sea, the beach… When we think of summer, the first thing that comes to our minds is the 'holiday', where we can rest our minds and bodies. However, hot weather, negative hygiene conditions and sweating can trigger some gynecological problems. Bitter almond [more…]

full ceramic cycle on teeth

Full Ceramic Age in Teeth!

With the increase in aesthetic expectations, all-ceramic, which is being used more frequently in dental restorations, promises a healthy and aesthetic smile. Being able to smile is one of the most special details that makes life beautiful. A beautiful smile that will make you feel good [more…]

giant tender for Uzundere in July
35 Izmir

Giant Tender for Uzundere on 29 July

Urban transformation works continue uninterruptedly, under the assurance and guarantee of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the principles of 100 percent consensus and on-site transformation. Metropolitan Municipality, 32 hectares of Uzundere Urban Transformation Area [more…]