R & D cooperation from metro istanbul and tubitak
34 Istanbul

R&D Collaboration from Metro Istanbul and Tübitak

Within the scope of the Yenikapı-Kirazlı-Atatürk Airport Metro Line domestic signaling project, the evaluation of the product development project carried out in cooperation with the Metro Istanbul R&D Center-TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Presidency was carried out. TUBITAK within the scope of R&D projects planned to be carried out in the future [more…]

book-loving young people discover Anatolia by train
58 Sivas

Young Book Lovers Discover Anatolia by Train

Sivas Provincial Directorate of National Education, Sivas Governorship and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. In cooperation with the General Directorate of High School students, the "Journey to Ancient History in the Shadow of Books" event was organized. with RAYBUS [more…]

hyundai assanda master project was discussed
41 Kocaeli

USTAM Project Discussed at Hyundai Assan

Trainings have been started in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's USTAM Kocaeli Project, which will provide vocational and technical skills to young people who are out of formal education and cannot find a job with the education they receive, and will prepare them for employment. Under the leadership of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

Agricultural support payments will be paid to the producers' accounts today

Agricultural Support Payments Start Today

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli said that they will start to transfer approximately 420,5 million liras of support to the accounts of the producers today within the scope of agricultural support payments. Minister Pakdemirli's statement is as follows: “Cereals, legumes and [more…]

Savings methods to reduce electricity bills

Saving Methods to Lower Electricity Bills

Turkey's electricity suppliers comparison website encazip.com has made suggestions that can cool electricity bills with methods that can be applied in the summer months. Temperatures are increasing day by day. According to your monthly temperature analysis of the General Directorate of Meteorology, the year 2021 [more…]

Does tanning reduce vitamin D production?

Does Tanning Decrease Vitamin D Production?

Specialist from Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital Department of Dermatology. Dr. Emre Araz gave information about 'damages caused by sun rays on the skin'. The most important step we should pay attention to in protection from the sun is the sun's rays. [more…]

summer depression should be considered

Summer Depression Should Be Considered

Experts, who state that winter type depressions are mostly accompanied by melancholy, draw attention to the fact that overreaction to mild warnings is more dominant in summer type depression. Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Psychiatry [more…]