Remote Work May Rise Permanently in 2022

remote work can also be upgraded permanently
remote work can also be upgraded permanently

With the widespread use of the hybrid working model, the interest in virtual meetings and events continues to increase. Research shows that remote and hybrid working models can be permanent after the pandemic.

In the report published by Deloitte Turkey in the last period, "After the pandemic, should working from home be applied more in your company?" It is seen that the rate of those who answered yes to the question is 72.9%. Developed by Modern Innova, which offers training modules, occupational safety simulations and gamification content suitable for business branches with virtual reality technologies, Backyard Workhub develops a solution out of the traditional working forms of business life. Backyard Workhub, which creates a way of working completely independent from the limitations of physical space, instead of the traditional perspective that sees working remotely and working from the office as 2 completely different models, offers companies solutions to change and develop the nature of work with the effect of technology.

The pandemic has caused radical changes in all aspects of life. Working models are one of the areas most affected by this change. According to the results of the research conducted by Strategy Analytics, it is expected that the worldwide remote workforce will increase to 2022% permanently in 42.5.

A survey conducted by career site Flexjobs shows that the remote working model is the most sought-after advantage by employees. 81% of the surveyed employees state that remote working or hybrid working system is their most preferred working model.

A working model free of physical limitations

Research predicts that working models that have changed with the pandemic will continue after the pandemic. While the hybrid working model will become permanent, the need for this working system to be realized through a correct infrastructure and platforms that can meet all needs also arises.

Developed by Modern Innova, which offers training modules, occupational safety simulations and gamification content suitable for business branches with virtual reality technologies, Backyard Workhub offers a working model completely independent of physical space limitations.

Backyard Workhub offers solutions that reduce physical offices at various scales by blending AR and VR technologies with virtual and physical architectural configurations, and grow companies by adding virtual structures next to architectural structures. Thanks to Backyard Workhub, fixed incomes decrease as flexible working increases.

Backyard Workhub eliminates the negative effects of remote working conditions

Backyard Workhub, which is integrated into the Vemaker platform, a fictional universe design where the real and the virtual are intertwined, offers a technological solution to companies by reducing fixed expenses through its configurations in different models. Although the model of working from home, which has become widespread with the pandemic, seems to be an attractive model, this way of working brings along many problems. In remote working, teams face problems such as communication, focus, company belonging, low motivation, hardware and infrastructure. Backyard Workhub aims to eliminate the negative effects of remote working conditions on company culture, managers and employees with its VR/AR infrastructure.

The company aims to continue its belonging

Underlining that with Backyard Workhub, they aim for office workers to feel physically working in their company, Modern Innova Managing Partner Çetin Dalva said, “Our platform, which supported events, seminars and conferences before the pandemic, realized that it could also respond to the remote working systems needed today, and evolved under the Backyard Workhub platform. . This is how virtual office spaces that can be rented in our Vemaker island have emerged.”

Stating that all the work that can be done physically on the exactly modeled areas of the company can be carried out on the platform in the same way, and even that the employees can operate in a way that digital records can be kept, Gökçer said, “For the companies that will try to work with us through the virtual office for the first time, they should first protect their existing offices and employ XNUMX% of their teammates on the platform. We recommend. In the second stage, we anticipate that after a trial period of a few months, they will be able to employ as many employees as they want on the platform, by providing architectural support that can reduce their existing offices. In the upcoming period, the existing office working systems all over the world; We think that it will have to switch to these systems in terms of both profitability in expense items and sustainability.”

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