How to Plan an Efficient Summer Vacation for Children?

How to plan a productive summer vacation for children
How to plan a productive summer vacation for children

Summer vacation has started for students who left the education period behind with the difficulties brought by the pandemic period. Experts state that if fun activities and additional course supplements are kept in balance during the summer vacation, this approach will contribute to the child's academic self-strengthening and preparation for the new term.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Duygu Barlas from Üsküdar University NP Feneryolu Medical Center gave advice to parents so that children can spend their summer vacation productively.

Focus on the mental well-being of children

Expressing that a very difficult period has passed for children, school staff and parents compared to previous years, considering an educational year spent in the shadow of the pandemic, Duygu Barlas said, “Children and parents went on vacation for the first time after a different education period. The anxiety caused by the pandemic, as well as the feelings of surprise and anger brought on by a different education system, caused children and adults to experience many emotions at the same time. Therefore, we recommend focusing on the mental well-being of children 1-2 weeks before referring them to any academic course or private lesson after the closure of schools.” said.

Nature activities and cultural trips can be planned

Emphasizing the importance of peer communication, Duygu Barlas continued her words by suggesting that fun activities should be planned considering the wishes and skills of the child:

“In this period, especially children whose areas of movement and socialization have narrowed, should be contacted with their peers, taking into account the pandemic limitations. Nature activities and cultural trips can be planned with their peers. After the child's emotional state becomes more stable and it is decided to be supported academically, additional course reinforcements can be made at certain time intervals, especially in the morning. However, it is very important that this situation is not intense and that it is balanced with fun activities. This will contribute to the relaxation of the child, to strengthen himself academically and to prepare for the new period.”

School order should be started close to the end of the holiday.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Duygu Barlas said, “Despite the situation when schools start face-to-face education in the new period, it will be beneficial for families to bring up screen restrictions towards the end of summer, increase communication with classmates, and regularize sleeping and waking times during the school period.” said.



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