Tunnel excavations started on the metro line with boiled pendik salt
34 Istanbul

Tunnel Excavations Started on Kaynarca Pendik Tuzla Metro Line!

Ekrem İmamoğlu Under the chairmanship of the new İBB administration, the production of the Kaynarca - Pendik - Tuzla metro line, which the old administration started in 2017 and stopped in 2 due to insufficient funds, while its physical progress was at the stage of 2018 per thousand, was completed in February with the financing found. [more…]

produced in two percent of dry cargo containers
86 China

96% of Dry Cargo Containers Are Made in China

Due to the global effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, the dependence of international trade on the sea route has increased considerably in the last two years. In this context, the need for containers has also increased. At this point, container supply-demand is serious. [more…]

kemalpasada festival enthusiasm
35 Izmir

Festive Enthusiasm in Kemalpaşa

Kemalpaşa Municipality, which had to take a break from culture and art activities for a long time due to pandemic restrictions, accelerated its cultural and artistic activities with the start of the normalization process. Kemalpaşa Municipality, within the scope of the July event calendar, in various branches [more…]

Ekol logistics and n cooperated
41 Kocaeli

Ekol Logistics and N11 Collaborated

With the n11depom project, implemented with the cooperation of Turkey's shopping platform n11 and the leading company of the logistics sector, Ekol, the operations of all companies serving in e-commerce will be carried out from a single point. n11 business partners [more…]

Job guaranteed course gave its first graduates
35 Izmir

Job Guaranteed Course Gives Its First Graduates

The “İzmir Joint Design and Production Center” project, prepared by Konak Municipality in cooperation with İzmir Business Women's Association (İZIKAD), gave its first graduates. 15 women who participated in the trainings that started on March 30 and ended on June 30 [more…]

It will not be possible to go abroad with an identity card without a photo.

It will not be possible to go abroad without a photo ID.

With the circular of the General Directorate of Security, a "photo ID card" in accordance with the standards in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 9303 document became mandatory for travels from Turkey that will only be carried out with an identity document. Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Security "Travel [more…]