Support Given in Chronic Diseases is Worth Medication

in the value of supportive medicine in chronic diseases
in the value of supportive medicine in chronic diseases

Coping with a chronic illness can sometimes be difficult. Psychological support may be needed while you spend a long period of your life with the disease and the precautions and treatments required by the disease. Liv Hospital Psychiatry Clinic Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Dilek Şahbaz gave information about what should be considered in the follow-up of chronic patients and about “psychologically supported programs”.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

“I have a chronic illness and how can I make my life better?” The most important step that those who ask can take is to ask for help as soon as they feel that they cannot cope. Taking early action will help to understand and live with the effects of chronic illness. Learning to manage stress will provide a positive, physical, emotional and spiritual perspective on life.

The aim is to improve the quality of life of chronic patients.

The most important approach in chronic patient follow-up; To comprehensively evaluate and provide treatment in a supportive environment for those whose daily life is disrupted due to unmet physical, mental, emotional and psychosocial needs. Based on the importance of this need, the aim of the “Liv Chronic Patient Consultation Clinic”, which was created with a multidisciplinary perspective of the Liv Hospital Psychiatry Clinic; Strengthening skills and behaviors to optimize health outcomes, cope effectively with stress, and increase emotional resilience.

Followed by council

In Liv Hospital Chronic Patient Consultation Clinic, patients with chronic health problems are evaluated by a council consisting of experienced psychiatry, oncology, hematology, rheumatology, algology, surgery and internal medicine specialists, and comprehensive and personalized care is provided in cooperation with the relevant physicians. In the clinic, treatment is planned to improve the patient's quality of life under the direction of a psychiatrist. The clinic has various programs such as council evaluation, medical support planning, individual psychological counseling, supportive therapy groups, experience sharing groups, family and couple counseling, and art therapy.

A supportive, caring and structured approach

There is a strong connection between mind and body. Based on this, the programs are designed to help individuals combine their strengths and resources to improve their quality of life and improve their general well-being. A supportive, caring and structured approach helps patients reduce their symptoms and regain their lost self-confidence. kazanIt aims to increase the cost and reach a higher level of functionality. In general, the program aims to help individuals with chronic diseases return to work and continue their daily activities.

Support not only to patients but also to their relatives

The “Chronic Patient Consultation Clinic”, designed as a first in Turkey, aims to provide high quality, personalized, behavioral and psychological health services. In chronic diseases, stress can shape feelings about life and become an obstacle to medical treatment. In addition, family members are affected by the chronic health problems of their relative, relationships are frayed and losses may begin over time. The first step in treating a chronic patient is to undertake a complete medical and psychosocial assessment together to set personal goals for completing the program.

Ebru Uygun provides support in the consultancy program

Ebru Appropriate; from individuals who have spent certain parts of their lives in hospital rooms due to their chronic illnesses. Appropriate, who generally creates an isolated living space due to chronic diseases that take over a large part of his life, accepts his diseases with the right guidance and goes on an inner journey of his own. kazanHe transformed my life into my life and found his healing on his journey. Now, he shared his experience on this journey and his experiences with the training he received, Program Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Under the supervision of Çiğdem Dilek Şahbaz, she will counsel chronic patients.

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