Suggestions for Home Workers on Pandemic Restrictions

Suggestions for people working from home in pandemic restrictions
Suggestions for people working from home in pandemic restrictions

The Covid-2019 pandemic, which has severely restricted life worldwide since December 19, forced millions of employees to work from home. While it is observed that the home-working system has been made permanent by many institutions, loss of morale and motivation of home workers can be seen in this difficult process that has been going on for over a year. Altınbaş University Vocational School of Health Services Lect. See. Clinical Psychologist İrem Burcu Kurşun made suggestions to the employees by pointing out that they observed that the pandemic period prolonged under controlled living measures and the uninterrupted 17-day full closure intensify the feeling of motivation and burnout in home workers.

Stating that being in the same cycle is the first reason for the feeling of burnout and low motivation, Clinical Psychologist İrem Burcu Kurşun said, “Being at home constantly can make people feel as if they are constantly living the same day, routines are important, but strict adherence to routine may cause unwillingness in individuals who cannot leave their environment. " said.

"Do not wait from outside, seek power within you"

Stating that it is important for home workers to have a work environment of their own and to organize this environment in a way that is good for him, Clinical Psychologist İrem Burcu Kurşun made the following suggestions to those who work from home: “You can sit in different parts of the table instead of working in the same place. You can work in different parts of the house. Do not work as a computer while lying down or on lap. It is very important to get up at the same time every morning. Paying attention to your diet and sleep is the most important steps towards motivation. At this point, everyone expects an external impulse to come and act on them, but the real power lies within the person. Notice whatever mood you are in, and if that doesn't work for you, see what you can change. "

"Share your study plan with those at home, take breaks"

Stating that planning is very important for motivation when working from home, Clinical Psychologist İrem Burcu Kurşun said, “Put things in order and apply the divide and manage tactic. You cannot finish a huge list in one day. It will be helpful to sort the jobs according to their deadlines according to their urgency and importance. It is important for the person to notice the distractions. Everyone is comfortable working in different environments. Notice in which environment you work better and arrange your work environment accordingly ”. Pointing out that if there is more than one person working and studying in the same house, everyone in the house should share their work plans with other individuals living at home, Kurşun said, “We all go through very similar processes, so it is important that people approach each other in an understanding and calm manner. Make sure to get air in between, open glass, those who have a balcony can work there from time to time. Although our range of motion at home is limited, exercise should not be neglected. Here, 10-15 minutes of action time can be created as a family. While working at a desk, it is important to do stretching exercises. Pay attention to your sitting position. Working in the same way constantly causes bodily pain, which can make the person feel more reluctant to work. Do something good for you during breaks ”.

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