How to Make Your Baby Feel Safe

You can make your baby feel safe without holding him / her
You can make your baby feel safe without holding him / her

Do not hold your baby constantly, then he gets used to it! If you don't hold your baby, it will be insecure, afraid of everything! Two different views. But which one is right? We asked Expert Clinical Psychologist Benan Şahinbaş.

Especially in their first experiences, mothers can be very worried about the care of their babies. As new experiences are experienced, these worries sometimes decrease and sometimes increase. Specialist Clinical Psychologist Benan Şahinbaş, one of the experts of, said that mothers' concerns can be triggered due to the contradictory methods or solutions they hear from the environment, and points out that mothers may have great confusion, especially about holding the baby in arms. Exp. Klnk. Psk. Şahinbaş continues as follows. “According to some, the mother's holding her baby makes the baby and the mother dependent, and the baby constantly demands a hug. For this reason, the baby should not be held constantly so that it does not get used to the lap. According to some, not holding the baby in his arms creates insecurity and fear in the baby. From the moment babies are born, they meet with their parents on the lap. This first learned behavior creates sensitivity in babies, and every second they need care, babies ask for a hug because they want this close relationship. Establishing this balance takes time and experience. "

Babies sometimes cry just for attention

Stating that every baby is unique and unique, there is no scientific method to solve this issue. Klnk. Psk. Şahinbaş underlines that according to child psychology, the best method is to get to know the mother's baby and to parent according to her baby and her needs. Explaining that crying is the only language that newborn babies can speak, Uzm. Klnk. Psk. Şahinbaş said, “The baby both tries to explain himself and tries to be understood by crying. Babies sometimes do not cry in line with their hunger or needs. Sometimes, their only need is for their parents to take care of them. Sometimes it is just to get to know the world by crying method… Therefore, every time the baby cries, you can first stop and think instead of holding it without thinking. Why might my child be crying right now? Is it hungry or full? Does it have gas? Did he contaminate his gold or does he have a fever? If the situation is not one of them, he says, "need" originates, ie it demands attention.

Like every baby, every mother is unique

Exp. Klnk. Psk. Şahinbaş says that fun toys shaped to distract the baby's attention instead of holding them in arms can make it easier for mothers to work. Other suggestions of Şahinbaş are talking, making eye contact, speaking with a warm tone of voice and signaling "I'm here and you are safe too" or caressing his back and trying to calm him down. Explaining that the baby will have a feeling of "I'm safe, loved" instead of "I'm crying right now, but nobody cares about me, I'm alone here and I'm scared." Klnk. Psk. Şahinbaş continues his words as follows: “Knowing that you can keep your baby safe without taking it in your arms allows you to spend quality time with your child without the habit of cuddling. We must not forget that every baby is unique as well as every mother. So there is no such thing as "correct motherhood." Thanks to their instincts and good observations, mothers will understand their needs better every time they get to know their babies and will develop their parenthood even more than their babies. "

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