How Fast Weight Loss Affects the Body

How to lose weight fast affects the body
How to lose weight fast affects the body

📩 18/05/2021 13:43

Dietician Hülya Çağatay gave information about the subject. Most individuals who are overweight have a desire to lose weight quickly. However, rapid weight loss has negative effects on the body and can cause us many harm.

In order to lose weight in a healthy way, it is necessary to prepare a nutrition plan suitable for your life conditions, habits, height and weight, age, diseases and medications you use. Studies show that a healthy weight loss should be between 500 grams and 1 kilogram per week. This may change when you are overweight or in the first weeks.

Many mistakes can be made, such as using slimming pills to lose weight fast, drinking only vegetable juice with unconscious detox, using laxatives - bowel emptying - drugs, using diuretic diuretic pills, applying very low calorie diets, eating a single type of food. As a result of these mistakes made to lose weight fast, they have many serious harmful effects on our body.

Losing weight quickly causes both physical and mental problems in our body. A pilot study compared fast and slow weight loss in ten obese, postmenopausal women. It has been shown to be associated with greater improvement in triglyceride levels and diastolic blood pressure values ​​in people who lose weight slowly. It has been shown that slow weight loss is more beneficial for improving body composition as well as metabolic risk factors. Again, in studies conducted with athletes, it has been shown that rapid weight loss affects their performance negatively.

Loss of muscle and water in the body

Rapid weight loss occurs with muscle and water loss rather than fat loss. Muscle losses experienced in advanced ages can damage the bone tissue. At the same time, weakness may occur when there is a loss of muscle. The decrease in the muscles causes the metabolism to be negatively affected.

It can increase the frequency of depression

Rapid weight loss with very low calorie shock diets can increase the risk of depression. Unconsciously consuming low calories can stress the body. This situation creates negative effects on the biochemical activities of the brain. We also mentioned that low calorie diet causes vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body. Vitamin mineral deficiency can also affect the brain and increase the risk of depression. Neurological disorders are seen especially in the deficiency of micronutrients such as B12 and D vitamins and folic acid.

Vitamin, mineral and macronutrient deficiencies occur

As a result of diets that contain limited and one type of nutrients made to lose weight fast, it causes vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate, protein and fat deficiency in the body. When malnutrition occurs, blood values ​​deteriorate and the values ​​are below normal. As a result of these, negative effects occur by creating fatigue and weakness, muscle loss and cramps in the body.

Increased risk of gallstone formation

When no food is eaten for a long time or when weight is lost rapidly, the liver releases extra cholesterol into the bile. Rapid weight loss can also prevent the gallbladder from draining properly. Continuous accumulation in the gallbladder facilitates stone formation. As a result, rapid weight loss may result in a higher risk of gallstones.

May cause heart rhythm disturbances

The use of various drugs and diuretics for rapid weight loss causes excessive fluid loss from the body, thus causing electrolyte loss in the body. The body's dehydration and mineral losses can cause heart rhythm disturbances.

May lower blood sugar

As a result of very low calorie and carbohydrate diets, the level of glucose in the blood may decrease as the body cannot be fed sufficiently.

May cause hair loss

Hair loss may occur when a diet where insufficient protein and essential amino acids are not taken.

Anemia and low blood pressure, constipation may occur

Anemia may occur when the body's needs are not met and iron deficiency occurs in order to lose weight fast. At the same time, blood pressure problems may be encountered because sufficient energy cannot be taken.

May pose a risk for kidneys, liver, cardiovascular diseases, bone diseases.

May cause menstrual irregularities

Quick weight loss can be regained

One of the harms of rapid weight loss is to regain the weight lost. Misbehavior to lose weight fast will prevent weight loss from being permanent. Losing a healthy weight should be achieved by adopting the right habits for a long time. Sustainable diets should be applied for permanent weight loss. The way to gain healthy eating habits is to have enough time. For this reason, instead of losing weight quickly, it can be ensured that the weight is permanent by losing weight slowly.

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