Questions That Blood Pressure Patients Are Wondering About

Questions that blood pressure patients are curious about
Questions that blood pressure patients are curious about

Today is World Hypertension Day. This disease causes 50 thousand people to die every day in the world. Half of those over the age of 40 in our country also suffer from hypertension. The only diagnosis of this disease, which progresses without any symptoms for years and causes permanent damage to the heart and vascular system, brain, eyes and kidneys unless it is diagnosed and controlled, is the blood pressure watching over 140/90. For this reason, experts say that even if we have no complaints, we should measure our blood pressure at least once every 6 months. Is heart the cause of blood pressure? Are blood pressure medications addictive? Do blood pressure medications harm the kidneys? At what time of day should blood pressure medications be taken? The answers to your questions are in our news.

Stating that patients diagnosed with hypertension should definitely comply with drug treatments and recommended lifestyle changes, Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin answers questions such as how and how much drugs should be used, which hypertension patients are curious about on the World Hypertension Day ...

Is heart the cause of blood pressure?

"Blood pressure is not a heart disease, it is a vascular disease and the hardening of the vessels causes hypertension." said Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin, “The most common causes of arteriosclerosis are age, obesity, smoking, diabetes, stress and inactivity. Blood pressure disease occurs as a result of these risk factors and affects our heart. Our heart is not an organ that causes blood pressure, but an organ affected by blood pressure disease. If blood pressure treatment is regulated and blood pressure is controlled, the risk of affecting the heart is minimized. says.

Are blood pressure medications addictive?

Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin, "There are some criteria for the initiation of blood pressure treatment and the most important of these is that our average blood pressure is above 140/90 mmHg." He says and adds, “Individuals with high blood pressure despite diet and lifestyle changes should start drug therapy. Blood pressure is a dynamic disease and treatment may need to be changed over time. These drugs have a certain order. Physicians may make additions to your medication treatment or discontinue some of your medications according to your blood pressure value. Although individuals who need continuous use of medication perceive it as an addiction, this is actually a treatment. No blood pressure medication is addictive and treatment can be changed over time. "

Do blood pressure medications harm the kidneys?

Stating that the most common cause of renal failure requiring dialysis in our country is hypertension and that the absolute treatment of hypertension is performed with medication, Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin, “The reason for kidney failure in individuals with hypertension is not the drugs given, but the inadequacy of the treatment or the discontinuation of the drugs by the patient. A drug treatment with an appropriate dose and blood pressure control is the strongest weapon we have against kidney failure. Contrary to popular belief, the side effects of drugs on the kidneys are very rare and in such a case, your doctor will control the situation by making changes in the treatment. says.

At what time of day should the medication be taken?

"Blood pressure treatment is personal and not everyone needs to take the same medication at the same time." said Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin said, “We, physicians, plan the treatment in the morning or evening according to the blood pressure balance of the person. Sometimes, we can apply a combination of two drugs or give them separately. We determine the time intervals and start the treatment that best suits the patient's condition. In other words, a person's blood pressure treatment is not suitable for other individuals. " he warns.

I have no complaints but my blood pressure is high. Should I use medication?

Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin, "The diagnosis method of blood pressure disease is to measure blood pressure with a blood pressure device and the average value is above 140/90." He says and adds, “The most common symptom of tension disease is asymptomatic. In other words, blood pressure usually does not cause a complaint. However, even if there are no symptoms, high blood pressure is a very risky condition in terms of cardiovascular disease and should be treated. You do not have to have any complaints to treat blood pressure disease. Since blood pressure is a hidden and risky disease, I recommend routine blood pressure measurements for individuals over the age of 30 twice a year and a cardiology examination if the measurement values ​​are above 2/140. "

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