Tips to Guide Solo Travelers

tuys to guide solo travelers
tuys to guide solo travelers

Today is 1 March Alone Vacation Planning Day. Of course it can be enjoyable to go on a journey with family, friends, lovers, maybe even a few people you have just met. But it may not be as liberating and peaceful as a planned trip alone. Turkey's leading air and bus tickets Enuyg the site, by compiling all the intricacies of being a solo traveler, the guides will share their suggestions.

While traveling alone may seem daunting to many, it is a rare opportunity to meet new experiences, cultures and people. Enuygun shared his inspiring suggestions for those who want to travel alone on March 1, Alone Vacation Planning Day.

Make your plans gracefully

Planning a vacation is one of the most enjoyable stages of traveling. You should do this more carefully when traveling alone. Remember that all the decisions for this holiday are yours. Of course, there are people who prefer to go out unplanned. You can also choose to be completely unplanned and continue from wherever the road takes you. If you like to be planned, you can think of the routes you find safe because you will be traveling alone, and the points you have always wanted to see in the cities you have dreamed of. You can determine where, how many days and how much money you will spend on average and adjust your budget accordingly. If things do not go as planned or if the roads offer you unexpected beauty, you can keep in mind that you can easily get out of your plan.

Don't forget to list what you need to take

Since you will be alone, what you need to carry with you becomes important. If you have any medications you use, you should write this at the top of the list so that you will not be in trouble in an emergency. You can add things to your list that will make it easier for you to have fun, such as headphones and books. You can put food and drink in your bag so you don't get hungry or thirsty while traveling. In addition, a thermos that will keep the heat will be very practical and enjoyable.

Do not neglect to carry a tripod

It can be sad that when traveling alone, there is no companion who can take a picture of you with the landscape. Even if you turn someone from the roadside, questions such as how well he will shoot, will he get the phone and run away, will he not be embarrassed to keep pulling it until he likes it. So keep self-sufficiency again and buy a tripod. Thanks to this helpful photographer friend that you carry in your bag, you can get beautiful photos by setting the timer without the need for anyone.

A safe bag is your best friend

Especially when you are traveling alone to a country you do not know, there are very important things you have to keep: phone, passport, identity card, money. If you put them in an ordinary bag and lose, of course, it is a solution to apply to the consulates abroad for a return and to the police in the country. But why should we be so bad when we can protect? That's why a secure bag will be your best friend during your trip. If you want a backpack, choose a belt bag, the first rule is to be safe. We also recommend that you do not carry all your money with you in cash.

Make emergency numbers the easiest

We all have emergency numbers memorized since our primary school years. Like 112, 155, 110. However, in panic situations, we can forget what we know. You can write the numbers and their equivalents on a piece of paper by developing a simple solution. The consulate and country's emergency numbers can be helpful, especially on trips abroad. You may also want to write the name, surname and number of the person you want to be reached on this paper, considering the mishaps. Don't forget to keep this paper in the most accessible part of the bag.

Take your precautions to avoid getting sick

Who would want to be sick on vacation? Moreover, while there are many ways to prevent this… We recommend that you keep your diet and sleep pattern as solid as possible before going on vacation. You can also use vitamins and supplements from the beginning of your journey. If you take a film of antihistamines, painkillers, antipyretics other than those you use regularly, you will take precautions from the beginning.

Double check everything

You should double-check everything before you start your journey and as you move forward. Did you pull out all the plugs while leaving the house? Did you lock the door? Did you leave your bag somewhere safe in your hostel? Is it with your passport or ID? With questions on your mind, it can be hard to enjoy your trip. Take it under guarantee and double check. You will find that your time is worth it.

Feel the unbearable lightness of the loneliness

Perhaps because of our social structure, maybe because of our cultural point of view, being “alone” is always pessimistic and malicious ringing in the ears. However, traveling alone, going on vacation alone is also a necessity! So close your ears to all negative internal and external sounds. Enjoy staying with yourself, getting to know and loving yourself. Remember that you can meet people whenever you want because vacation is the easiest way to meet new people!

Everything starts with a hello

If you're shy, meeting new people makes you nervous, but remember that everything starts with a "Hello" if you have a request. Once you start chatting with someone you see friendly at crowded parties, in the common areas of hostels or while sunbathing on the beach, you'll see how enjoyable it is!

Learn to get lost

Even if it sounds strange, getting lost is also something to learn. Getting lost in the streets of an unknown city and just relaxing enough to enjoy walking and innovations can be learned over time, especially for those who carry the tension of the big city on their shoulders. Of course, you shouldn't get lost in places you feel unsafe. GPS exists for times like this. You can download maps that you can use offline to your phone and throw yourself into the nearest safe area. If you feel safe, keep walking, taking pictures and exploring your surroundings. Who “Is it late? Shall we get back? " will he say to you other than you?

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