Cooperation Between ASELSAN and TRTEST on the Road to Nationalization

Cooperation between aselsan and trtest on the road to nationalization
Cooperation between aselsan and trtest on the road to nationalization

TRTEST services will be used for testing and verification of systems developed by ASELSAN.

It will benefit from the services of TRTEST in the testing and verification activities of the components used in the systems developed nationally and domestically by ASELSAN. The protocol regarding the cooperation was signed by ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Prof. Dr. It was signed between Haluk Görgün and TRTEST General Manager Bilal Aktaş.

Cooperation between ASELSAN and TRTEST; It aims to carry out the testing and certification activities of the products developed by ASELSAN within the scope of the nationalization and localization activities currently carried out by TRTEST.

In cooperation with;

  • Test procedures will be established by TRTEST in accordance with the requirements and requirements for the products determined by ASELSAN.
  • In accordance with the test procedures prepared by TRTTEST and approved by ASELSAN, the test activities will be performed and reported by TRTEST.
  • TRTEST will provide inspection, evaluation, control and / or verification of the reports of previous tests of the products by ASELSAN and / or third parties.
  • A product conformity certificate will be issued by TRTEST for products whose tests are valid.

TRTEST Kalecik test center

In June 2020, Mayor of Kalecik district of Ankara, Duhan Kalkan, announced that a Continuous Allocated Airspace will be opened in the district for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and drone test flights. The center aims to safely test unmanned aerial vehicles and related avionics used in the civil and defense industry sector.

Mayor Kalkan stated that the project has two stages and said, “In the first stage, a facility will be built on an area of ​​2 decares. In this facility, users will be able to easily use the airspace. Technology companies, public institutions of our state or our individual citizens will be able to benefit from this. The first stage will soon be completed with the support of our government, and soon the second stage will be completed with the support of our government ”.

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