Turkey, Montenegro, MPT-55 and MPT-76 infantry rifle Donates

Karadag turkey and mpTrim Assault Rifle donated to mpTrim
Karadag turkey and mpTrim Assault Rifle donated to mpTrim

Montenegrin Armed Forces to Turkey by 30 MPT-55 and MPT-76 infantry rifle were donated. In the statement made regarding the infantry rifles donated by the Montenegrin Defense Ministry, the cooperation between the two countries was referred to.

A statement from the Ministry stating that the grant is worth about € 38.500, "Montenegrin Army, about € 38.500 worth of gifts from Turkey received 30 automatic rifles. Logistics Regiment Deputy General Manager Veljko Mališić and Military Attache of the Republic of Turkey, the donation was assessed that the indicators of successful cooperation between the two countries. " statements were included.

The estimated cost of US dollar by Turkey in the year 2019 43.237 / 38,477 Euro 15 MPT-76 and MPT-15 infantry rifle of 55 protocol for the grant Montenegro was signed. The main infantry rifle of the Montenegrin Army is the 5.56 × 45mm G36 rifle.

Turkey, a NATO ally, Montenegro's armed forces to support the strengthening of the Alliance structure bulunarak civilian and military aid. As will be remembered, Montenegro became the 2017th member of NATO in 29.

Covidien scope of Turkey-Montenegro with 19 combat medical equipment was donated. In April 2020, the A400M pulse plane belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces and health supplies consisting of masks, overalls and diagnostic kits arrived in Montenegro.

Source: defenceturk

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