China is the only country where Porsche increased its sales in 2020

is the only country where Porsche has increased its sales
is the only country where Porsche has increased its sales

Announcing the results of 2020, Porsche's global sales decreased by 3 percent to 272 thousand vehicles. Despite the global decline, China was the only country where Porsche increased its sales. Sales of the luxury brand in China increased by 3 percent.

Affected by the epidemic, Porsche's sales profit in 2020 was 2019 billion euros, a decrease of 220 million euros compared to 4,2, while its sales return rate is still within the scope of its strategic goals with 14,6 percent. At the same time, Porsche contributed almost half of the Volkswagen Group's net profit last year.

Porsche announced that its strategic return on sales target for 2021 is 15 percent. Although sales were down 3 percent from a year earlier, high-value products like the Taycan and Cayenne helped Porsche set a new revenue record of 2020 billion euros in 28,7, with an increase of nearly 2019 million euros over 100.

In China, Porsche delivered 134 new cars through 88 points of sale, accounted for 968 percent of Porsche's global sales, up 3 percent year on year, and became Porsche's largest single market in the world for the sixth consecutive year. The Taycan, Porsche's first fully electric sports car, made it the most popular electric sports car of its class in 33.

At the 2020 financial report conference, Porsche announced that it also revised its 2025 plan. The new target is for Porsche to reduce costs by 2025 billion euros by 10, followed by 3 billion euros annually.

Source: China International Radio

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