Irgandı Bridge Faced with Collapse Danger

the irgandi bridge is in danger of collapse
the irgandi bridge is in danger of collapse

The 579-year-old Irgandı bazaar bridge, which has witnessed the city's past by resisting disasters and wars for centuries in Bursa, is in danger of collapse.

The Irgandı Bridge, which connects Osmangazi and Yıldırım and was built on Gökdere in 1442, is home to artisans who offer the best examples of handcrafting from mother-of-pearl to tile work. Serious water started to flow under the joints under the Irgandı Çarşılı Bridge. Bridge craftsmen, who evacuate the water leaking from the walls with the help of a tarpaulin with every rainfall, stated that the rain water causes serious swelling at the connection points of the bridge. Expressing that the historical bridge should be serviced as soon as possible, Irgandı Çarşılı Bridge Manager Fatih Alim Daşpınar said, “If no action is taken, the bridge is in danger of collapse. We, as bridge craftsmen, want the bridge to be urgently renovated, ”he said.

About Irgandı Bridge

Irgandı Bridge is a bridge in Bursa, where craftsmen perform traditional handicrafts. It was built in 1442 by Hacı Muslihiddin, the son of Ali from Irgandi. It was damaged in the Great Bursa Earthquake in 1854. It was bombed by the Greek army in the Turkish War of Independence. Irgandı Bridge was renewed and opened for use by Osmangazi Municipality in 2004.

It has been claimed locally that the Irgandı Bridge is one of only four bridges in the world with a market, this claim is not true. Osma Bridge (Lofça) in Bulgaria, Ponte Vecchio Bridge (Florence) and Rialto Bridge (Venice) aside, Krämerbrücke (Erfurt) in Germany, Pulteney Bridge (Bath) and High Bridge (Lincoln) in England, In France there are the Pont de Rohan (Landerneau) and the Pont des Marchands (Narbonne) bridge.

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