5 Hardware We Can't See in Cars of the Future

What we can't see in the cars of the future
What we can't see in the cars of the future

The automotive industry continues to surprise drivers with vehicle systems that are renewed and improved every year. Especially in the last 50 years, although the appearance and features of cars have changed, the way we use them has not changed. However, this situation is expected to change dramatically in the next 10-15 years. With its deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared 5 equipment that we are used to seeing in today's vehicles but will not be in the vehicles of the future.

Gas Tank

Cars that do not use petrol and similar fuels have been traveling in traffic for a while. All cars of the future will be using rechargeable, environmentally friendly and renewable electricity, instead of a gas tank, vehicle batteries will be in use.

Steering wheel

One of the innovations that will take place in the cars of the future is the steeringless, in other words, driverless vehicle technology. This technology, which will put an end to swinging the steering wheel and fear of falling asleep on long journeys, will provide both a different and safe driving experience.


Instrument panels that provide many information such as low fuel warning, current speed or how many kilometers the vehicle is driving will not be included in the cars of the future. Instead of these panels, windshield instrument panels will provide drivers with all the details they need.

Rearview mirror

Rear view mirrors, which allow to change the lane by widening the vehicle's viewing angle and controlling the left and right sides of the vehicle, will not be found in the cars of the future. The indicators and cameras on the windshield screen will fulfill the function of the rear view mirrors.

Vehicle antenna

Vehicle antennas, which have been standard equipment in the vehicle for many years and are used to absorb radio frequencies, will not be included in the cars of the future. The role of vehicle antennas will be owned by the equipment in the current entertainment system.

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