The UNESCO Process of Izmir Historical Harbor City is a Long, Thin Road

the unesco process of the historical port city of izmir is a long and narrow road
the unesco process of the historical port city of izmir is a long and narrow road

Speaking at TARKEM's board meeting in March, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TARKEM Chairman of the Board, Tunç Soyer said about the work carried out for the historical Port City to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage Permanent List, “The UNESCO process is a long, delicate and arduous road. However, despite all this, the team is excited about it ”.

The March board meeting of Historical Kemeraltı İnşaat Yatırım Ticaret A.Ş. (TARKEM) was held under the supervision of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TARKEM President Tunç Soyer. At the online meeting, the work carried out to make the Izmir Historic Harbor City, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List, into the UNESCO World Heritage Permanent List, was once again discussed. At the meeting, UNESCO Izmir Historical Area President Abdülaziz Ediz gave information about the work done.

Stating that the works for the road map are continuing, Abdulaziz Ediz said, “Our friends have settled in the UNESCO office allocated by the municipality for about two weeks. Here, too, they continue their work intensely. We will bring the works together, "he said. Ediz stated that a team of 10 people was formed together with experts from İzmir Governorship, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzmir Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Konak Municipality and İzmir Development Agency and said, “This team will be in charge of preparing the field management plan until the end of 2021. This plan will be made within this year in coordination with all other stakeholders, ”he said.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that the UNESCO process is a long, narrow and arduous road. Stating that the team that will prepare Izmir for this journey is also excited, President Soyer said, “There is an experienced master like you at the head of the team. I wish clearance. I wish convenience. I congratulate you for your work, ”he said.

Series morale to Kemeraltı shopkeepers

TARKEM General Manager Sergenç İneler, on the other hand, reminded that the shooting of a ten-episode series about femicide, directed by Ömer Faruk Sorak, was shot in Kemeraltı. Ineler said, “We allocated the office we used in Abacıoğlu Inn to them for the shooting of the TV series. The series was shot. During this process, it received nearly five million interactions on social media with the posts of both famous names and technical staff. "Thanks to this series of shootings, our office and 20 tradesmen around it have overcome the pandemic process with a serious water of life," he said.

Mesrure Hanım Mansion will be restored

TARKEM, aiming to revitalize the region by preserving the historical buildings with the projects it carried out in Kemeraltı and its surroundings, increased the number of projects it carried out in the region to 17 by renting the Mesrure Hanım Mansion in Basmane for long-term restoration. Mesrure Hanım Mansion, which will be restored by TARKEM, is planned to serve as a boutique hotel or hostel. Mesrure Hanım Mansion will be integrated into the Tevfik Paşa Mansions project, the restoration of which will begin soon. With the completion of these works, Hatuniye Square will turn into an attraction center.

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