All-Day Disinfection for Public Transportation Vehicles in İzmir

All-day disinfection for public transportation vehicles in Izmir
All-day disinfection for public transportation vehicles in Izmir

With the 'controlled normalization' process that started on March 2, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality increased the cleaning and hygiene works in public transportation vehicles. In buses, ships, subway and tram vehicles; Disinfection studies, which are carried out throughout the day with water-based cleaning products that do not harm human and environmental health, have been meticulously carried out for months as part of the fight against the pandemic. Cleaning and hygiene activities continue with the same sensitivity in İZBAN, which is operated by TCDD-Metropolitan partnership.

In the fight against the pandemic, a "controlled normalization" process was initiated following the decision taken by the Ministry of Interior on March 2. Social life was revived with the end of flexible working in the public sector, the transition to face-to-face education of some classes in schools, the relaxation of restrictions on citizens over the age of 65, and the opening of places that provide food service, albeit limited. This liveliness in İzmir also increased the number of people using public transportation by up to 30 percent. In addition to ESHOT, İZULAŞ, Metro, Tram and İZDENİZ affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZBAN, which is operated with the partnership of TCDD-Metropolitan Municipality, has increased its instantaneous and daily hygiene and disinfection activities in order to protect the public health.

Cleaning after each time

ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses are cleaned of viruses and bacteria with water-based cleaning products that do not harm human and environmental health, both after the trips and at the end of the day in garages. Metro wagons are at Fahrettin Altay Station; Karşıyaka Tram cars are disinfected at Alaybey Stop and Konak Tram cars at Halkapınar Stop to the finest detail after each trip and at the end of the day. In İZDENİZ, passenger ships, car ferries and piers are constantly cleaned during the day. At the end of the day, all ships and piers are disinfected by the cleaning staff working on the night shift and prepared for the next day. With İZBAN train sets operated by TCDD-Metropolitan partnership, stations are regularly disinfected as well as routine detailed cleaning every day. Train set doors open automatically to reduce contact.

Mask-Distance-Hygiene warning

In addition to routine cleaning and disinfection activities in all transportation vehicles, the number of trips was increased in order to minimize the intensity that can be experienced especially in the morning and evening hours. While passengers are not allowed to enter vehicles, stations and piers without a mask, hand disinfection devices are also actively used. Masks, distance and hygiene warnings are made with frequent announcements at transfer centers, stations and piers.

There is also a HES Code check

On the other hand, in accordance with the Presidential Decree and the Circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, only Izmirim Cards with HES codes can be used to board public transportation vehicles. Thanks to the instant connection of the Electronic Fee Collection System with the database of the Ministry of Health, the identification of the citizens on the patient or contact lists is made instantly. These people are not allowed on public transport.

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