Construction of Stations' Compensation Systems Tender Result

compensation systems of stations
compensation systems of stations

Construction of Compensation Systems of Stations within the Borders of TCDD 1st Region Tender Result

TC State Railways Operations TCDD 1st Region Procurement Stock Control Service Directorate (TCDD) 2020/500049 KIK Approximate cost 690.388,00 TL TCDD 1st Region Boundaries 7 companies submitted bids and the tender was 607.667,00 TL With the offer, BAŞAR ELEKTRİK İNŞ TAH MÜH TİC SAN LTD was awarded.

The tender covers the construction works with 33 items of which type and quantity are shown in the unit price offer schedule. The duration of the work is 180 (One Hundred and Eighty) calendar days from the place delivery.



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