DanIel Carrera Appointed as New President of UPS Europe

daniel carrera appointed as new president of ups europe
daniel carrera appointed as new president of ups europe

UPS appoints Daniel Carrera as UPS Europe's new president. In his new role, Carrera will be responsible for managing operations in 56 countries and regions and more than 50.000 UPS personnel. As part of the fight against the pandemic, the European region continues to grow as a global hub within the UPS network, meeting the growing demands in e-commerce, as well as playing a vital role in the delivery of vaccines from Europe to Asia, the Middle East, North America and Africa.

Carrera has held various senior leadership positions throughout the region, most recently as the President of the Western Europe Region, as well as working as the International Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador. He played a key role in these tasks, with the completion of a $ 2 billion five-year investment cycle in the region that boosted speed, increased capacity, and met growing demands from e-commerce, healthcare and cross-border trade.

Prior to joining UPS, Carrera was director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (AODA) at Menlo Worldwide, a global freight shipping provider. After UPS's acquisition of the company in 2005, he managed the successful integration of Menlo Worldwide and UPS Supply Chain Solutions sales teams.

Daniel Carrera in 2018, UPS Turkey's Istanbul Airport, the investments made as part of the announcement made at the signing ceremony was attended by the President of UPS HDI Eastern Europe.

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