Mersin Metro Tender Will Be Made Again

Mersin metro tender, which has no competitive environment, will be held again
Mersin metro tender, which has no competitive environment, will be held again

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer's Metro dream turned into a puzzle! The Metro tender, which does not create a competitive environment, will be held again on April 28!

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's Metro tender turned into a puzzle. While 10 companies out of 8 companies invited in February did not bid, the offer of one firm was not accepted due to insufficient letter of guarantee and only Doğuş and Yapı Merkezi Group were able to bid 3 billion 758 million TL.

Metropolitan administration decided to re-launch the Metro tender, where a competitive environment did not occur. It will make the tender held in February, under the same conditions, on April 28, 2021.

While it is a matter of curiosity how the Metropolitan Municipality will find resources for the project, the Metro tender, which is expected to cost about 700 million dollars, will be repeated under the same conditions.

It is a question mark how the 8 candidates will be found for the job that the single group has offered, while the other 7 companies are expected to bid higher in Doğuş, and Doğuş is expected to renew their own offer.

In this context, it is among the information that the administration can give the tender to Doğuş at the same price, saying "there has been competition".

While the dream of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, who could not produce projects that would add value to the city during his two years of tenure, turned into a puzzle, the probability of the project to progress in the remaining 3 years is considered low.


The researcher and writer Abdullah Ayan, who is the follower of the subject, said that the tender process, which has been going on for about a year, was dragged into the unknown and said, “This tender has been held for about a year and withdrawn for various reasons. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey insists on its way to make this work, but as the economic crisis progresses to a more severe storms. Dollar - Euro has taken its toll and although these offers are given in TL, they will be made with foreign credit, that is, foreign currency. Another important part that concerns us is that we still do not know how to solve the financing part of the project. Our possibilities are limited and this project will cost about 1 million dollars.

There are no wagons and towing vehicles in the current tender. It is seen that such a serious business is heading towards an unknown period with the financing crisis in an environment where foreign exchange interest rates are high ”.

Source: Gift Eroğlu / Mersinhaberci

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