Where is Clandras Bridge? Clandras Bridge History

where is the clandras bridge
where is the clandras bridge

The historical bridge from the Phrygian period in the Karahallı district of Uşak province. The bridge was built on Banaz Stream approximately 2500 years ago. The two ends of the bridge sit on the half waist of mountain rocks. It is 24 meters long, 17 meters deep, and 1,75 meters wide. The faces of the stones are engraved with pencils and the large stones of the arches are well interlocked with mortises. Its belt is in the form of a pulley.

The bridge was built with the technique of thrust on the fixed rock, which is made up of two main bodies, which are called elephant feet. There is no trace of what it was made for. However, it has lost its originality by being repaired with concrete in recent years after one of the keystones has moved.

Next to the bridge is the Karahallı Power Plant. The water discharged from the plant is poured through a concrete channel from a height of 17 meters from the side of the bridge.

Clandras Bridge and its surrounding is an important recreation spot for the region.

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