Traffic Regulation in Bursa Recruits

traffic regulation in bursa novices
traffic regulation in bursa novices

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to the works that will reduce the traffic load in Acemler. The density of vehicles coming from the Ring Road and going to the direction of Izmir will be eliminated with the application of additional lanes.

Since it is the only main artery that connects Bursa on the east-west axis, one of the nodes of urban traffic, Acemler, which will breathe, was initiated again. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously made lane additions to the ring road turning lanes in order to reduce the density in the region, continues to work rapidly on the tube crossing project designed in front of the Police Department building in order to enable the vehicles coming from Hayran Street and D-200 highway to use the intersection without creating density. While bored piling works continue within the scope of this project, a lane expansion is being made in this area in order to prevent the density of vehicles coming from the Ring Road to the direction of Izmir. Within the scope of the European Council Beltway Acemler Intersection BUSKİ branch road widening works, the construction of a 260 meter long 3 meter high curtain wall and the excavation and filling works required for road widening have been completed. After the completion of rainwater, guardrail, border and pavement productions, the road will be increased to 4 lanes with the asphalting and the density of vehicles that will return to the Izmir road will disappear.

Versatile work

In order to eliminate the traffic density in Acemler, the Metropolitan Municipality, which is working feverishly in the region, is located in the area opposite Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital. kazanThe parking lot project for the bus and private vehicles is also progressing rapidly. Before asphalting, final filling works are carried out in the city bus and vehicle parking lot, which was established on an area of ​​​​approximately 15 thousand 450 square meters across Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital and on the Hayran Caddesi road. There will be 15 buses and 1 taxi platform and an open parking lot for 272 vehicles in the area. The open car park will be used both as a regional car park and will meet the parking needs of the relatives of the patients who will come after the opening of Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital. The bus area located next to the existing Batı Garage and Acemler station will be moved to the new location.

The road is civilization

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they attach great importance to transportation investments in the last 3 years by saying 'the road is civilization' and that they never compromised on transportation projects despite the pandemic process in which investments in the world came to a standstill. Stating that they continue to work without interruption in order to produce radical solutions for transportation, which is the most important agenda item of Bursa, Mayor Aktaş said, “The additional lane applications we have made to the return lanes of the Acemler Crossroads have provided a significant increase in the hourly passage capacity. We are also making a lane expansion in this area in order to eliminate the density created by the vehicles coming from the ring road and going to İzmir direction in front of BUSKI before they come to the intersection arm. We have already completed the expansion work in front of the Cemeteries Branch Office. When this work is completed, we will see that the density will decrease significantly ”.

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