A New Station to BursaRay's University Line

Another Station for BursaRay's University Line: A protocol has been signed for the station that is planned to be built between BursaRay Acemler and Nilüfer stations within the scope of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's efforts to make Bursa a more accessible city. The protocol of the new station that will breathe the region was signed by Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe and Sur Yapı Chairman Altan Elmas.

Mayor Recep Altepe, who took important steps in the transportation of Bursa, Altan Elmas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sur Yapı, and the technical committee hosted at the Metropolitan Municipality New Service Building. For the station to be built between BursaRay Acemler and Nilüfer stations, Sur Yapi - Marka project rail system protocol was signed by Mayor Recep Altepe and Sur Yapı Chairman Altan Elmas.

Altepe said that Bursa has become a more accessible city with the new alternatives applied in transportation. Yeni We care about the elimination of deficiencies by expanding the rail system, metro and tram lines which are the most important solution in urban transportation and using them in the most efficient way. BursaRay rail system line, Acemler and Nilufer stations do not have a station. This region is the region we call the Odunluk ler BURULAŞ, our new stadium, hotels and shopping centers in the region. A new station was needed here. We were on our way to realize this station's project. Bu

Company name will be given to the station
Noting that the company has been interviewed and supported by the positive response of Sur Yapi, Altepe said bur Sur Yapi has made 4 Million TL, which is the construction price here, provided to our municipality as a conditional donation. We are sponsoring Sur Yapı together with this joint project. It will end in a short time, 4 is scheduled to end in the month. We aim to be opened as soon as possible. A station will be provided to this region, which is also the busiest. Özellikle President Altepe, the project will add value to the region and the transportation will breathe, he added.

“We made an important investment for Bursa“
Altin Elmas, Chairman of Sur Yapi, expressed his enthusiasm for the project and said, gör When we researched to invest in Bursa as Sur Yapı, we believed in the vision and dynamism of our Bursa and we also saw the investor friendly view of the Mayor Recep Altepe and his team. We witnessed. Today we will crown her with a protocol. A big investment, we made an important investment for Bursa. We have brought our brand mall and residence project to Bursa. I hope we will open in mid-May. This station was also important for us. The station has 4 months. Therefore, we care about the access of people to our shopping center via rail system. We would like to thank both the vision of our municipality in terms of reducing vehicle traffic and for giving us the right to name. I wish for Bursa to be beneficial. In

According to the protocol signed after the speeches, Nilüfer Station and Acemler Station between the railway station station will be made in the area. Stairs leading to the pedestrian path and subway exit will be completed. The name of the station will be 'Sur Yapı Marka Avm'.



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