Antalya should be connected to Russia, Central Asia and China by National Railway

Antalya should be connected to Russia, Central Asia and China by rail
Antalya should be connected to Russia, Central Asia and China by rail

Exporters from Antalya want Antalya, which is the only port of the Western Mediterranean region, which generates an annual export revenue of approximately 2 billion dollars, to be connected to Russia, Central Asia and China by national railway.

Ergin Civan, the presidential candidate of the Western Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAİB), said that the West Mediterranean Exporters Association, which is a member of the exporters of the region, which makes close to $ 2 billion in foreign sales, is an important and most effective non-governmental organization for increasing exports and solving the problems. Pointing out that MPWS, a regional and sectoral union, has to carry out solution-oriented studies for the problems and needs of different sectors, Civan said, “The agriculture and mining sectors, which are the most important export products of the region, have their own problems. The solution for these is that exporters unions and export companies should work together, ”he said.

Antalya should be connected to Russia and China by rail

Stating that the common problem of the Western Mediterranean region is logistics, Civan stated that Antalya port should be used more competitively and drew attention to the importance of starting Ro-Ro voyages from the port. Civan said, “Antalya should be connected to Russia, Central Asia and China by train services through its national railway network. A logistics center should be established in the region. Competitive pricing should be applied to Europe, Russia, Dubai and Asian countries, which are our important markets in air cargo ”.

Biological Control

Stating that they want to lead the projects that encourage producers and exporters in biological struggle, good agricultural practices and sustainable production in order to combat pesticide residue and harmful diseases in agricultural production, Ergin Civan said, “In short, to be a stakeholder in the correct management of the supply chain from the field to the table for safe products. and we will work to bring permanent solutions to the analysis problem in agricultural products, ”he said.

Stating that he will make an effort to support exporters in obtaining and renewing mining licenses if he is elected president, Civan said, “. In addition, we aimed to be an exporters association working with our exporters for the mining operation, which is sustainable and does not harm the environment, when it is closed. In the OIZ located in our region, we will carry out joint projects and studies for the companies to export more and to develop their production export-oriented. It is among our priorities to organize post-Covid international fairs, purchasing delegations and other organizations according to the needs of our exporters. "I will work to prepare our exporters for eco-production, where sustainable and clean energy will be used and the carbon footprint of our companies will be reduced to the lowest levels, which will become an important issue in the very near future, and to initiate an urgent action plan and work in order to prevent them from being affected by the carbon tax to be applied in the future."

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