Sevgi Katlı Intersection is Watched 7/24 with Scada Center

crossroads of love monitored by scada center
crossroads of love monitored by scada center

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of Mersin Water and Sewerage Administration (MESKI) monitors all multi-storey intersections of Mersin with the Data Based Control and Monitoring System (SCADA) Center 7/24. Sevgi Katlı Intersection, which was completed in 87 days by the Metropolitan Municipality and relieves the traffic to a great extent, is also monitored via SCADA.

The Crossroad of Love is monitored through the SCADA system, preventing possible floods

The rainwater accumulated under the intersection in rainy weather is monitored online 7/24 via the SCADA Center with the help of pumps, and possible floods that affect the flow of traffic on the road route are prevented. The pump station has 3 submersible pumps with a power of 13 kW. If the monitored levels are too high, the SCADA Center will alert the operator by giving an alarm. Any problems that may occur in the system are immediately monitored by the operators at the SCADA Center, and rain water is eliminated with the automation system where the pumps are activated as a result of alarm and warning information.

MESKI SCADA Center staff Sabahattin Baynal said, “Thanks to the pumps we control at the SCADA Center in order to prevent floods and floods that may occur in excessive precipitation at the Sevgi Katlı Junction built by our Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, we aim to ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable ride for our citizens using our underpass. . "This system, which we follow 7/24 from our SCADA Center, is available at all multi-storey intersections in Mersin."

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