Support for Academic Studies from İŞKUR

Support for academic studies from Iskur
Support for academic studies from Iskur

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, within the scope of the newly launched Academic Work Program; He said that they will support academic studies to be prepared by undergraduate, graduate and doctoral program students. Stating that their aim is to encourage academic studies in the field of working life and employment, Selçuk said, "We especially care about the opinions of our youth on employment." said.

Applications Started Today

Minister Selçuk stated that there is no department restriction for students to apply to the program and that students can apply through ​​until April 14, 2021 as of today. Minister Selçuk said, “We will provide 2.500 TL for undergraduate students whose academic studies are successful, 5.000 TL for graduate students, and 7.500 TL for doctoral students. Students who want to present their work can get detailed information about the program and application conditions via ​​”.



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