Silence Practice in Public Transport Against Coronavirus in Kayseri

Silence application in public transport against coronavirus in Kayseri
Silence application in public transport against coronavirus in Kayseri

Feyzullah Gündoğdu, President of the Individual Transport Group of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and the President of the Association of All Rail System Operators (TÜRSID), stated that the practice of not speaking on public transport vehicles within the scope of combating the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) in Kayseri.

Gündoğdu said that the demand for public transportation vehicles has dropped significantly worldwide due to Kovid-19.

The first case of Gundogdu reminding seen in China, since March of 2020 like the measures taken there that applied in Turkey, disinfection is increased, distance, mask, stated that measures are taken to passengers and employees.

Emphasizing that due to the recent increase in cases, the passengers on public transportation vehicles in Kayseri have tried to limit their conversation on the phone and with each other, Gündoğdu said: “While doing this, we were impressed by international studies. There is a study in Spain. When you talk, it can be on the phone or with each other out loud, you emit 50 times more particles than you were silent. If we can limit this conversation, we can make public transport safer. We warn the passengers with posters and announcements so that they do not speak unless necessary. Not consuming food and not talking significantly reduces the rate of contamination. This means of transportation becomes more reliable if widespread in Turkey. Personal hygiene rules are also important in public transportation. Passengers should not talk or consume food in vehicles. "

Gundogdu, noting that reduce the risk of vehicles in the fresh air loop, he made for technical regulations voiced in public transport vehicles in Turkey.

Gündoğdu stated that the city that uses the most rail system is Istanbul, and that around 1 million 700 thousand passengers are transported daily in this city. Gundogdu said that across the country 12 provinces rail system operates, "Turkey in the city before the outbreak of the rail system was moving across 4 million 200 thousand passengers daily. When we included suburban lines to this, around 5 million passengers were transported. There are currently around 2 million 400 thousand passengers are transported by rail in Turkey. " used the expressions.

Gündoğdu stated that the decrease in the use of public transportation vehicles due to the loss of confidence will increase the individual vehicle traffic and this will cause air pollution, adding that the trust in public transportation should be regained.

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