Flash Development in Automotive Sector Chip Crisis! Slowly Overtaking

Flash development hangs slowly in the jeep crisis in the automotive industry
Flash development hangs slowly in the jeep crisis in the automotive industry

A comforting explanation came in the chip crisis in the global automotive industry, which led to factories halting production. Acay, CEO of Coşkunöz Holding, the strategic business partner of automotive giants, said that the chip crisis in idle has been gradually overcome. “We expect an explosion in demand in the second half,” said Acay.

strengthens the position of the European manufacturing base in Turkey with the pandemic, every day this secret industry a step forward to claim their investment giant bears. One of the companies that did not suspend investment despite the global epidemic is Bursa-based Coşkunöz Holding, which has a history of 70 years. Coşkunöz, the largest 100% domestic automotive sub-industry company in sheet metal production, strengthens its position as a strategic business partner of automotive giants, and draws attention with its investments in defense and aviation in recent years. Coşkunöz Holding CEO Erdem Acay, who said that automotive, which is the traditional business lines, has an important place among its activities, said, “Our holding supports the domestic and national defense industry move. Our goal is to increase our exports in this area ”. Saying that they did not stop the investment even in the pandemic and they invest 30-35 million euros every year, Acay said, "We will invest at the same level this year."


Evaluating the chip crisis experienced by the automotive industry, CEO Acay said, “There are thousands of parts in a car. You cannot manufacture that car if there is not even one of them. Even if there is a demand for sales, the slightest disruption in the supply network affects the whole chain. Currently, there is a fluctuation of around 10-15 percent in our business. Since automotive companies produce chips as they find chips, we keep up with them. We manage the process with some stock or meet the demands that come with overtime. Right now the distress continues to some extent, but the distress is reducing its impact by moving towards idle. "This problem will be solved somehow."

All vehicle models that appear outside of all steel parts and produces chassis components Coşkunöz Renault in Turkey, Tofas, Fiat and is working with companies like Ford. It produces for Dacia in Romania and for Ford, Pegueot Citroen in Russia, as well as for the local brand Kamaz. Saying that they expect automotive sales to return to the pre-pandemic level this year, Acay said, "If nothing extra comes out, we expect an explosion in demand."

Acay gave Turkey's domestic automobile project in relation to the information they are also tOGGer supply in many areas.


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