New Generation Rolls-Royce Ghost in Turkey

a new generation rolls royce ghost turkiyede
a new generation rolls royce ghost turkiyede

📩 11/02/2021 12:47

In September made a presentation Worldwide New Generation Rolls-Royce Ghost now on the roads Turkey.

Developing its capabilities with its new architecture and advanced technology, Ghost is the most technologically advanced car among the models Rolls-Royce has ever produced.

Requiring mastery in the luxury car class; The comfort and engineering offered with elegance point to the enviable details of the car.

New Generation Ghost is a car that makes its user feel privileged. With the Planar Suspension System, it has the 'Flagbearer' technology that scans the road surface with cameras and adjusts the suspension by detecting the defects on the road. Ghost, which allows you to sit back and travel calmly, also shows a tremendous performance with the Twin Turbo 6.75 V12 Engine. One of the reasons the car performs so well is the extra-rigid aluminum space frame developed by Rolls-Royce, which forms the basis of everything.

Developed with a minimalist design, the Next Generation Ghost is the first Rolls-Royce with automatic opening and closing doors.

Another impressive feature of the Ghost, which sits on 21-inch wheels, is that it prevents sounds from entering, thanks to its 100 kg insulation material.

Rolls-Royce Ghost, which quietly reveals its existence with its unique appearance, appears to be worthy of its name.

Royal Motors Vice President, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Istanbul General Manager A. Hilal Aysal said, “The launch of the new Ghost brings a new and contemporary movement in the luxury world. After the very positive feedback from our customers, I am happy to present Ghost at our home for the first time. ”

Aysal continued his explanation with the following statements; “The health and safety of our guests is very important to us, and we meticulously addressed this issue in the promotional planning of the New Ghost.

Despite the difficulties experienced in the past year, we successfully passed. We think that such periods are the right time to invest in permanent values ​​and we are happy to have a successful start in 2021. ” said.

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