Turkey's First Virtual Tourism Fair "Travel Turkey Izmir Digital 'Opened

turkiyenin was the first emergency virtual tourism fair
turkiyenin was the first emergency virtual tourism fair

After a long break, the tourism industry said “hello” to fair organizing with 14. Travel Turkey Izmir Digital. Turkey Speaking at the opening of the first virtual exhibition of the tourism sector Tourism and Culture Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, so far that 7 800 facilities Safe Tourism Certification awarded with, experienced health of the expressed will rise again with the release of slowly behind global crisis in the sector.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer Stating that there will be important opportunities in tourism after the pandemic, he said, "We have completed all the necessary work with our stakeholders in order to correctly evaluate these opportunities on behalf of İzmir."

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey; Hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzmir Chamber of Commerce, TÜRSAB, TÜROFED, İzmir Foundation with the support of İZFAŞ and TÜRSAB Fuarcılık A.Ş. The 14th Travel Turkey Izmir Digital Fair, organized by Industry representatives, Turkey's virtual exhibition area "Digital Izmir Fair" platform met with. The fair, which will continue until Saturday, February 27, can be followed online at "ttidigital.izfas.com.tr".

Opening of the 14th Travel Turkey İzmir Digital, the first virtual fair of the tourism sector in Turkey; Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Governor of Izmir Yavuz Selim Köşger, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, Turkish Travel Agencies Association Chairman of the Board Firuz Bağlıkaya, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mahmut Özgener, Turkish Hoteliers Federation Chairman of the Board Sururi Çorabatır and Sweden's Istanbul Consul General Peter Ericson.

Minister Ersoy: "How well you can present yourself determines your place in tourism"

Speaking of Turkey's natural, historical, addressing the promotion and digitization work towards the cultural and gastronomic values ​​Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy brought as soon as the healthy days of language, bringing together the meeting requests in exhibitions with national and international stakeholders. Minister Ersoy said, “In this exceptional period, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who took the responsibility of bringing together the actors of the sector by using the means of technology and who did not spare their support in this regard. We have to use this power that the digital world offers us with realistic and rational approaches, correct action strategies, and timely moves. How well you can present yourself determines your place in tourism. Even if you have the most beautiful beaches, nature, and the most advanced and comfortable facilities in the world, you must first inform people about this and then make them prefer you. Otherwise, we are left with nothing but empty buildings and beautiful views. From here, I would like to thank all our stakeholders in the sector for their strong cooperation with their courageous and determined stance during this period. The steps we have taken together have yielded results and we will make our rise as this health crisis is gradually overcome on a global scale. On this occasion, I would like to state that our 7 facilities have been awarded the Safe Tourism Certificate so far ”.

Köşger said, "We make an effort to increase the recognition and awareness of İzmir"

İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger stated that he believes that the fair has an important mission in terms of promoting the city and the country and that it has accomplished this successfully, and said, “Although our state has mobilized its opportunities and capabilities with all its institutions and organizations, we know that there are serious problems in economic and social areas due to the epidemic. Undoubtedly, tourism is one of the sectors most affected in this process. We are trying to eliminate the problems experienced and their negative consequences as all relevant segments. I wholeheartedly believe that with the widespread use of vaccination rates along with other measures, the 2021 tourism season will be productive within the framework of the new normalization, and the industry will return to its old days in the coming period. As you know, before the pandemic, tourism was one of the fastest developing and growing sectors in the world and constituted a great economic power. İzmir and its region; With its unique natural, cultural and historical beauties, favorable climatic conditions, year-round tourism opportunities, accommodation and transportation infrastructure, it offers a wide potential for us to get a share from the tourism cake. We strive to increase the recognition and awareness of İzmir by introducing the natural, cultural, historical and social characteristics of İzmir, as well as its opportunities and advantages, in integrity. I wish Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair, which I see as an important opportunity for promoting Izmir and our country and increasing the interest of foreign capital in tourism investments, will be beneficial to the participants, our city and our country.

Soyer: “Our fair is a digital stage where Izmir's qualified tourism is exhibited to the world”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who pointed out that they attach great importance to the worldwide recognition of Izmir, which broke new grounds in both tourism and fair organization, Tunç Soyer; “Today is an extraordinary and very important day for our country's tourism industry. We know that important opportunities will emerge in the tourism sector after the pandemic. We have completed all the necessary work with our stakeholders in order to correctly evaluate these opportunities in İzmir. İzmir Tourism Promotion Strategy and Action Plan was created with the common mind, suggestions and expectations of all tourism stakeholders in our city. İzmir is perhaps the only metropolis that contains all the traces of 8500 years of human history. Therefore, our tourism strategy is based on the main idea of ​​'transferring many concepts, ideas and approaches that shape world civilizations from Izmir to the world'. Today, tourism is rapidly turning into a 'search for new experiences' and İzmir is keeping up with this big change in tourism with its new strategy. Based on destination management in 30 districts of Izmir and for 12 months; we uncover the experiences that make our city different from the rest of the world. Our goal is for İzmir to host 2024 million tourists in 4. At the core of our tourism strategy; There is to reveal the current potential of İzmir by taking its historical heritage as a reference and to make our city one of the leading tourism destinations in the world. Among all these goals; Our Travel Turkey İzmir Digital Fair plays a very important role as a digital stage where we showcase İzmir's qualified tourism to the whole world. In fair organization; The most important key to success is the common mind and city alliance. This is the main reason why İzmir is breaking new ground in the field of fair organization and leading other cities. With the goal of making İzmir one of the leading cities in the world; I would like to thank all of our stakeholders who have worked and made an effort with us”.

Bağkaya: "We cultivate the hope of getting rid of the pandemic with our fair"

World vaccination started in general studies of the recently boosted hopes for will start again travels stated that Turkey Association of Travel Agencies Chairman Fariz Bağlıka to, be experienced in tourism to respond in the most expeditious manner to the expected mobility and drew attention to the great importance of being able enter ready for the season. “We thought it important to be holding our fair in digital environment while fairs were postponed all over the world. We have entered a period in which those who manage the competition and marketing process well will be one step ahead. Demand for destinations within close flight distances is increasing and vacation periods are getting longer. Ecotourism and concerns about sustainability come to the fore in holiday choices. Our country has the potential to respond to different consumer demands with its richness to offer products in different types of tourism and the existence of alternative accommodation facilities. This puts our country forward in competition. We will try to guide our industry by focusing on all these changes and transformations in our industry with panels and events organized within the scope of Travel Turkey Fair. However, we expect our fair to create a basis for important cooperation efforts before the upcoming season and support the mobility in tourism. Our expectation is that in the tourism season of 2021, a movement will begin in the domestic market in May and that tourism will gain a little more momentum with the opening of foreign markets in mid-June. I believe that our fair will contribute to the tourism of our country and Izmir, as a new and beautiful start, even though we cannot be face to face, by saying tourism with stubbornness and faith. Hope to get rid of the pandemic in our country; "We are growing with Travel Turkey Izmir Fair in Izmir, which has been the cradle of civilizations in every period of history in the Aegean, where tourism started its first activities with an economic meaning."

Özgener: "The image of tourism also needs to be redefined"

Mahmut Özgener, Chairman of the Executive Board of Izmir Chamber of Commerce, stated that fair business has also suffered similarly as the tourism sector; “The importance of Travel Turkey Fair increases even more in this challenging environment. The new target of the future in all sectors, digitalization. We should see the Travel Turkey Fair as an important starting point for compensating the losses caused by the epidemic and an opportunity that should be evaluated well. The fair contributed to the sector by bringing industry professionals together in Izmir for years. We held face-to-face meetings with business people from all over the world and established long-term relationships. Now, we will keep these relationships sustainable with our digital fair. Travel Turkey Digital Fair will be one of the important components of this transformation. In addition to minimizing the damage caused by the pandemic and reviving the travel industry in Izmir, the image of tourism should also be redefined. Thus, in the world population expected to be 2050 billion in 9,5, we can draw the attention of the masses who will travel regularly to İzmir. I would like to underline once again the pride we had for bringing the virtual fair infrastructure prepared by İZFAŞ in an exemplary manner to the industry with a rapid action, in order to motivate the industry and keep up with the changing world with digitalization, until a significant level of travel movement begins all over the world.

Stockings: "Our fair will be instructive and beneficial for all of us"

2020 tourism data describing Turkey Hoteliers Federation Chairman Sururi Çorabatır, referring to now being adapted to improve the unity and innovation; “While there was about 80 percent shrinkage in the world, our country shrank around 65-70 percent. Our 51 million visitors decreased to 16 million, and our revenue from 34,5 billion dollars to 12 billion dollars. When we look at the world in general, we see that the sector is experiencing huge losses. Unfortunately, it is a pessimistic picture, but let's not forget that we are the moral sector. As you know, tourism, which is one of the most important sectors that helps to close the current account deficit of countries, is closely related to 64 sub-sectors. The World Tourism Organization predicts that mobilization in the travel industry and business travel may start in 2022, but reach a satisfactory level in 2024. In the new life that started with the pandemic, world tourism also prepares itself for the future. We also need to support this together. We learned that we should change our old habits and not tire the world. We must prepare ourselves for these changes. We must predetermine the demands of new generations by following the trends. We must move our promotion to more digital media. In this context, I believe that this digital fair, which we have organized for the first time, will be very instructive and beneficial for all of us ”.

Ericson: "Nature calls us"

Peter Ericson, Consul General of Sweden in Istanbul, said the following regarding the participation of Sweden, the second country that introduced the Ecotourism regulations to the world, as a partner country:

“Travel Turkey İzmir Fair, which is a place to connect, collaborate and maximize opportunities in the tourism sector, has deep-rooted traditions. It maintains its popularity by providing visitors with a wide and varied overview of the world of travel and tourism. Sweden is very excited and happy to participate in Travel Turkey Izmir Digital Fair as a partner country. The pandemic has changed the world. And indeed, tourism has been one of the worst affected industries. It forced the whole industry to adapt, like this fair, which is now held virtually. But of course the future of tourism cannot be virtual. I believe there will be a shift of focus towards resilience and sustainability as people begin to travel again. After spending so much time at home due to quarantine, people want more open spaces. Conscious travel will come to the fore with a growing environmental awareness and a hunger for vacation that leaves a positive impression. Tomorrow's traveler will want to live like a native, deeply abiding by more different cultures and traditions. It will also prefer the desolation of the less populated countryside, away from congested city centers. This will provide income to local communities. So nature is calling us. It is predicted that nature travel will be one of the biggest trends in 2021 "

Three full days

Turkey's virtual exhibition area "Digital Izmir Fair" platform inventive industry representatives, will shape the future of tourism. Industry professionals and travel experts come together at online events for three days. The 14th Travel Turkey Izmir Digital Fair, which is strengthened with the support of foreign associations and organizations, also shows itself in the international arena. This year's partner country of the fair is Sweden, the pioneer of ecotourism with its nature-friendly tourism approach. Patara Ancient City, declared as the tourism theme of 2020-2021 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was chosen as the theme of Travel Turkey Izmir Digital Fair. Besides the activities; Buyers from all over the world will visit the fair with a single click, make an appointment and provide video calls with all participants via “ttidigital.izfas.com.tr”. Although the fair was a first in the tourism sector, it attracted a lot of attention. Indonesia, Ethiopia, Croatia, Sweden, Qatar, Kenya, Colombia, Maldives, Mauritius, Serbia, Tanzania, Turkey, to the exhibition, where participants from Ukraine and Vietnam, was held registration of foreign visitors from 64 countries.

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China Decided to Discount Visa Fees by 25 Percent

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China Releases Action Plan to Improve Air Quality

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Erkilet Boulevard Gets a Renewed Road Worth 15 Million TL

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25 Million TL Support from Red Crescent to Earthquake Victims

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AOÇ Women's Cooperatives Support Farmers by Selling Products Without Intermediaries

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750 TL Education Aid from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Istanbul Students

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Earthquake Life Symposium Held in Izmir

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