Modern Parking Lot in Çarşamba District of Samsun

modern car park in samsunun carsamba district
modern car park in samsunun carsamba district

📩 08/02/2021 16:04

Turkey's most fertile agricultural plains of the long .standing traffic and parking problems are solved on Wednesday. The construction of the mechanic-storey car park to be built by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality on the eastern side of the district started. The car park with a capacity of 214 vehicles will be put into service in 2022.

The increasing number of vehicles in Çarşamba, one of the major districts of Samsun, makes the traffic density difficult. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which took action to meet the parking lot demand demanded due to the parking problem in the district, will build a multi-storey car park on both sides of Çarşamba, in the middle of which Yeşilırmak flows. While the project preparation of the car park to be built on the West side is approaching the end, the construction of the mechanical-storey car park project on the East side has begun.


880 pieces of under-foundation bored piles will be driven for the two-storey mechanical system parking lot, which has started to be built on an area of ​​122 square meters, where the old market place is located on the Orta Neighborhood Şehit Tuncay Kocabaş Street. The ground floor of the two-storey investment, which will have a height of 19 meters, will be 929 square meters, and the first floor will be 951 square meters wide. In the car park with a capacity of 23 vehicles, which will cost 262 million 550 thousand 214 TL in total, the cars will not be parked by drivers, but by an automatic and mechanical system with elevators. The vehicles will be taken from the parking area with an automatic system, notified to the elevator and brought in front of their owners.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who spent the weekend in Terme and Çarşamba counties, visited the parking lot construction area with Çarşamba Mayor Halit Doğan. Taking information about the project from Secretary General İlhan Bayram and Head of Science Department Metin Köksal about the project, Mayor Demir, who examined the excavations of construction equipment, also took a souvenir photo with the workers.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who made a statement about the construction of mechanical additive parking lots, said that they will solve the traffic and parking problems of the district with parking lot investments. President Demir said, “The parking lot problem, which Wednesday has been waiting for a solution for many years, is now becoming history. We are bringing state-of-the-art parking garages to both sides of our district. The underground parking garages to be built in the marketplaces on the east and west sides will meet the need to a large extent, as well as modernizing the markets and making them more spacious and useful. Car parks Good luck to our fellow countrymen from Wednesday. " found the assessment.


Stating that the east side mechanic-storey car park construction will be completed in 480 days, President Demir said, “Our teams work day and night. Now the foundation is prepared for the piles to be driven by digging. Building construction will then begin. We will be completed and put into service on March 26, 2022. We are close to the end in the preparations for the West Collar Multi-Storey Car Park Project. We will build this in an area of ​​5 thousand 645 square meters in Sarıcalı District. Its total area is 15 thousand 899 square meters. The ground floor of the car park, which is designed with a capacity of 311 vehicles, can also be used as a market place. I hope there will be no parking problem on Wednesday. I would like to thank everyone who contributed ”.

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