Namağlup ASKİ E-Sports Women's Zula Team is Assertive This Year Again

namaglup aski e sports women's stash team is also assertive this year
namaglup aski e sports women's stash team is also assertive this year

ASKI E-Sports Club's Women's Zula Team entered the camp before the Zula Women's League, which will start on February 27. ASKI E-Sports Club Women's Zula Team, which completed the league with undefeated championship and made its name known to the world last year, is also assertive this year.

Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş continues to support young athletes in order to popularize the future professional e-sports activities in Başkent.

The President announced to the world as well as in Turkey with the name Slow ASI supports the e-Sports Club Women's Team Zulu, will begin on February 27, 2021 2. Zula entered the camp for the Women's League.


As the undefeated champion of the Zula Women's League last year, ASKI E-Sports Club Women's Zula Team accelerated the pre-league preparations, where the Women's Zula Teams will fight fiercely in the digital environment.

Having a strong staff with new transfers this year, ABB ASKI E-Sports Club Women's Zula Team preserves its claim this season and aims to complete the league in an undefeated manner and win the cup.


Team captain Zeycan Kedici (TwinkLe) and his friends Cansu Güven (TaO), Aleyna Aydır (LadyBug), Zeynep Gökhan (ZeyN), Gizem Aydın (CeoniX) and Kamila Ekin (Narcius) learn each other's play styles by getting to know each other in the tight camp.

The successful women's team of ASKI E-Spor, which has been in an intense working tempo in the field of e-sports, continues their training without a break.


ASKİ E-Sports General Coordinator Tayfun Tanju Kara, who pointed out that ABB ASKİ E-Sports Women's Zula Team, which was established last year with the start of the Zula Women's League, was the champion in the first year, gave the following information about the sports team established under ASKI:

“Our Women's Zula Team entered a tight camp before the league to start on February 27th. Teams normally use a term called 'gaming house' for the camp period, in which case the team gathers in a house and continues their work. We chose to do this in a hotel. Our friends reinforced the team play by playing with each other here. This year, we are the biggest candidate for the championship. Who will be the second one we wonder? ”

Effort is a must for success

ABB ASKİ E-Sports Women's Team stated that they were assertive before the Zula Women's League and emphasized the importance of exercising and exerting effort as follows:

  • Zeycan Kedici-TwinkLe (Team Captain): “Last season we became the champion without even a draw. We are an undefeated team. We will do our best to do this this season, become the champion and lift the trophy. We would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş and our ASKİ E-Sports General Coordinator Tayfun Tanju Kara for their support and giving this opportunity. "
  • Cansu Güven (TaO): "As we said last season, the champion is obvious, who is the second?"
  • Gizem Aydin (CeoniX): "We want to continue our undefeated streak this season."
  • Aleyna Aydır (LadyBug): “I wish success to my opponents this season. Because they will need more than the other season. "
  • Zeynep Gokhan (ZeyN): “I am the best breakout player of last season. I will play for ABB this season as well. I think we will come to very good places. I wish success to our competitors. "

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