Mars Logistics Will Say 'Equality Has No Gender' Throughout 2021

Mars logistics will say that equality has no gender throughout the year
Mars logistics will say that equality has no gender throughout the year

Mars Logistics is starting a long-term project in the field of Social Gender Equality by adding a new one to its social responsibility projects.

Mars Logistics will carry out studies within the scope of the Gender Equality target, which is one of the 2021-point Sustainable Development Goals determined by the United Nations, throughout 17. Head Mars Logistics Board of Directors speaking on the subject Strange Sahillioğlu can prevent the gender inequality situation ensuring equality and although in Turkey on behalf of the elimination of inequality and stated the need to increase the efforts made in the world, said: "all kinds against women negatively prevention of discrimination, gender I believe that the provision of equality among everyone is a social problem that concerns everyone, and I think that the gender equality perspective should be reflected in the entire sphere of life in order to empower women.

“I am of the opinion that change must begin within us first, then spread to our environment and society in general. In this direction, as a company that has taken care of all kinds of social and social problems as a duty, we are implementing our # Equality and No Gender project to strengthen the standing of women in society. With this project, we will carry the work we have done in terms of 'gender equality' further. Sahillioğlu said that they will start a project that will continue throughout 2021.

Each month, a Mars Gender Equality Ambassador will be elected among the participants in the project, which will include Mars employees. The ambassadors will organize at least one event every month in order to raise awareness on gender equality within and outside the company by collaborating with the project group. Within the scope of the project, activities to be organized under the headings such as employment, education, physical and psychological violence against women, equality to women in business life, obstacles against women in society, combating negative stereotypes and judgments regarding women's roles and responsibilities, equality for women in rights and responsibilities will be organized with various non-governmental organizations. will be realized by making unity

Sahillioğlu stated that, in addition to the events that will take place throughout the year with the # EqualityGender, No Project project, the view of gender equality is also reflected in the annual strategic plan of the company: “In addition to the activities we will carry out throughout the year, we also added an article on increasing women's employment in our 2021 strategic plan. We will support social hope, determination and creativity with this project, which we will spread to the entire operation, employees and operations of the company. "

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