Kardemir to Recruit 18 Disabled Workers

Kardemir will recruit disabled workers
Kardemir will recruit disabled workers

📩 17/02/2021 17:27

Kardemir management announced on their website that they will recruit 18 disabled workers.

In the statement made by Kardemir: “In order to be employed with a disabled status within our company; .

  • Under 01 years of age as of 03/2021/30 (born on 01/03/1991 and later),
  • Turkey Business Association (TEO) registered with the Directorate Karabük,
  • Residing in Karabük before 08/01/2020 and still residing in Karabük,
  • Completed military service or exempt from military service,
  • For labor positions, graduates of at least high school, vocational high school, technical high school (preferably industrial vocational high school, vocational school, technical education faculty) or graduated from engineering faculties of universities; For engineering positions, graduates from the computer engineering, mechanical engineering and metallurgical engineering departments of the universities abroad whose equivalence with the faculties or colleges of at least four years and whose equivalence is accepted by the competent authorities,
  • Disability in the medical board report is "indefinite" and the rate of disability in the report is between "40% - 50%"
  • WE ARE LOOKING FOR 18 (EIGHTEEN) WORKERS WITH DISABLED STATUS, without disability in the psychiatry group. The quota allocated in terms of position titles and branches of education and the minimum requirements for positions are as follows:

Kardemir will recruit disabled workers

Applications will be made to the Provincial Directorate of Karabük, and the candidates are required to register from 17/02/2021 until 02/03/2021 at the latest. A person can apply for more than one position for which he or she meets the minimum qualifications. including separately for each position, if there is more applications than available from pieces position declared, applicants will be drawn, with out the presence of a notary. "References Turkey Business Association (TEO) is to be held Karabük Provincial Directorate most since 17/02/2021 Registration is required until 02/03/2021. “

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