Nano Technological Honeycombs Against Non-Heating Problems

Nano technological honeycombs against non-heating problems
Nano technological honeycombs against non-heating problems

When non-heating problems are investigated, we encounter the reality of cleaning and maintenance that standard honeycombs need every year. Stating that the way to spend a winter with an economical and efficient heating is through nano technology combs, Enover Enerji Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Malik Çağlar states that this is possible with EHP pads that do not require annual maintenance and cleaning.

As in every winter, combi boiler maintenance was carried out in residences and offices, and high temperatures were set for warming. However, despite all these preparations, it was observed that homes and offices could not heat up and even caused high bills. Stating that one of the reasons for this is the annual maintenance and cleaning of standard honeycombs with old technology, Enover Energy Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Malik Çağlar, the most clear and profitable solution against old type radiators that cannot satisfy consumers in terms of heating efficiency and savings, is the first and only in the world that does not require annual maintenance and cleaning, the fastest, most efficient, cost-effective and simplest heat transfer system is used. underlines that using honeycombs.

Corrosion of Old Honeycombs Prevents Heating

Consumers are grappling with the problems that the upper parts of the cores are warm and the lower parts are cold, they make various noises during operation, and they are unable to receive efficient heat despite the high combi temperature. The amount of water used in standard combs has a serious effect on the occurrence of these problems. Stating that a standard radiator used in workplaces and houses is 6 liters of water for heating, Dr. Malik Çağlar draws attention to the fact that the water inside the standard honeycombs gets dirty over time and creates corrosion and restricts the circulation of the water to the lower parts by creating a blockage in the heating installation system. Stating that compulsory maintenance and cleaning is required to solve this problem of standard honeycombs that become completely inoperable, Çağlar recommends combs with EHP, which contain maintenance-free nano-technological particles against old standard honeycombs that cause serious difficulties to consumers.

End of Annual Care and Cleaning

He pointed out that consumers who are still trying to warm up with 100 years old technology face high bills as a result of annual maintenance and cleaning problems. Malik Çağlar states that they perform the same heating process as equivalent panel radiators by consuming 0,13 liters of water with EHP radiators. Stating that the risk of corrosion preventing heating is reduced with the realization of heating with 6 liters of water instead of 0,13 liters of water, Çağlar stated that thanks to the EHP technology, annual maintenance and repair is not required in the cores, the amount of water used is greatly reduced, and the time for the panel radiator to become fully heated and homogeneous is reduced to 2 minutes. He's drawing.

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