Intensive Overtime at Acemler Junction, One of the Key Points of Bursa Traffic

intensive work at the intersection of novices, one of the key points of Bursa traffic
intensive work at the intersection of novices, one of the key points of Bursa traffic

Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to connect Hayran and Oulu Street with a tube crossing in order to accelerate the traffic flow at Acemler Junction, which is one of the key points of Bursa traffic, on the other hand, is overhauling the infrastructure of the region with the help of BUSKI.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which put into practice different projects that will allow Acemler, who is one of the nodes of urban traffic in Bursa, to breathe, has also accelerated the tube crossing work that will reduce the density in the region after the additional lane arrangements to the junction branches. The Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to distribute the loads of the D-200 highway to different regions, designed a tube crossing project in front of the Police Department building in order for the vehicles coming from Hayran Street and D-200 highway to use the intersection without creating density. With the work that started in the intersection loop in front of the Novice Police Department building, the vehicles coming from Hayran Street will be connected to Oulu Street with the tube passage to be built. The vehicles will be directed to Zübeyde Hanım Street with the connection roads to be made and use the intersection bridge. The underground section of the project, which is 200 meters long, will be 45 meters long. The underpass, which will have 7 percent up and down training, was designed to allow two vehicles to pass side by side. On Hayran Street, which is projected as 30 meters wide in the implementation plans, the road was designed as 2 round-trips and bicycle paths on both sides of the road.

Infrastructure is renewed

On the other hand, BUSKI teams were also included in the feverish work in Acemler. Within the scope of the project, the BUSKI General Directorate teams, which reorganized the infrastructure line of the area where the tube crossing will be made, started to work for the sewerage, storm water and drinking water lines. By means of BUSKI, the infrastructure of the region will be reshaped by manufacturing 300 meters of drinking water line, 300 meters of sewage line and 150 meters of rainwater line in the region. Stating that all teams work devotedly in order to complete the works on time for the girl, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, “We aim to relieve the density in the intersection area of ​​the D-200 highway with this project”.

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