Ford Will Sell Only Electric Vehicles To The European Market From 2030

will only sell electric vehicles to the european market from ford
will only sell electric vehicles to the european market from ford

📩 18/02/2021 13:07

The world-famous American automotive giant Ford announced that it will sell only electric vehicles to the European market from 2030.

American automotive giant Ford announced that it will stop the production of internal combustion engine versions in passenger car models in the next nine years and intensify electrification efforts in Europe. Yes, the automotive giant will only sell zero-emission cars from 2030, so traditional models such as the Fiesta and Focus will lose their gasoline engines.

Ford will sell only plug-in hybrids and EVs five years from now, before ceasing internal combustion engine production four years later. So in 2026 we will encounter Ford models with at least one electric motor. The electrification process of the brand has already started with the Mustang Mach-E, mild hybrid and PHEV models.

The brand has similar plans for commercial vehicles. Ford estimates that two-thirds of commercial vehicle sales will be represented by plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles by 2030. Until 2024, we will encounter all-electric or hybrid versions of Transit and Tourneo models as well as conventional motorized models.


To achieve these environmentally friendly goals, Ford will invest $ 1 billion in its assembly plant in Cologne, Germany. This facility, which will be named as "Ford Cologne Electrification Center", will start the production of an electric passenger car such as Focus and Fiesta, whose name is not yet known for the European market and will be produced in large numbers. A second electric car model is also being considered for the same factory.

With the plan to turn all passenger cars sold in Europe into electric vehicles at the end of the decade, this means that the next-generation Fiesta and Focus, coming in the next few years, will be the last models to offer an internal combustion engine. Mondeo, on the other hand, is expected to transform into a high-drive (SUV) wagon with a hybrid engine later this year, eventually losing the internal combustion engine completely in the second generation.

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