Visit from ESÇEVDER to Eskişehir OSB President Küpeli

escevder to eskisehir osb president
escevder to eskisehir osb president

Eskişehir Environmental Protection and Development Association (ESÇEVDER) Board Members visited Nadir Küpeli, Chairman of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB).

ESÇEVDER board members Dilek Bayraç and Ramis Tunca and association member Prof. Dr. Oğuz Çolak visited the Chairman of the Board of Eskişehir OSB, Nadir Küpeli, and gave information about the activities of the association. Bayraç stated that they continue their activities with the slogan of "A Beautiful City" and that they have made great efforts to minimize the environmental problems of the city and produce solutions. ESÇEVDER Board Member Ramis Tunca thanked Chairman Küpeli for the importance given to the environment and green in Eskişehir OIZ.

Satisfaction with the visit, voicing Eskişehir OSB, President of Rare Earring, Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone as they continue to work on the environment by developing more and more every year, the environment and Eskişehir as a result of their commitment to green ASD had been identified Turkey as the most green OIZ said . President Kupeli stated that they have carried out a significant amount of afforestation works in the organized industrial zone, and that they started to bring 2020 thousand saplings to the soil during the new afforestation work period they started in 15, and that they are doing intensive afforestation work in all areas of the OIZ that are opened to settlement and whose infrastructure has finished.

We are one of the leading regions of our country

President Kupeli continued his words as follows: “We have been working intensively with our national and international project partners for years on the subject of "Industrial Symbiosis", which is one of the important environmental issues especially for a modern industrial zone. The recyclable outputs of the industrial establishments in our region are returned to the economy. kazanWe are carrying out studies on symbiosis, which is an important issue, and we are one of the leading regions in this field in our country. Again, our waste water treatment plant has been purifying all the water used in our region for years and releasing it back to nature. At the same time, with the laboratory we established here, we carry out environmental measurement works both in our province and in all cities and places assigned by the ministry. As Eskişehir OSB, we always protect our environmental awareness at the highest level.”

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