Farewell to the Electric Car?

Goodbye to the electric car
Goodbye to the electric car

📩 04/02/2021 12:55

The Special Consumption Tax (SCT) applied for electric vehicles has been increased from 2 to 2021 percent to 3 to 15 percent with the President's Decree published in the Official Gazette on February 10, 60.

Electric Vehicle Engine Power SCT Rate
SCT Rate
SCT Increase Rate
Not exceeding 85 kW 3% 10% 333%
Those between 85 kW and 120 kW 7% 25% 357%
Those exceeding 120 kW 15% 60% 400%

According to the data of the Automotive Distributors Association, electric vehicle sales increased by 2020 percent in 280 compared to the previous year.

  2019 2020 Increase Rate
Electric Vehicle Sales 222 844 280%
Market Share of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 3,2% 3,8%  

The increase in the market share must have whetted the appetite of the political government, as the SCT rate has been increased by up to 400 percent.

Developed countries, especially from all these outstanding hikes decision applying incentives for the use of environmentally friendly technologies worldwide awareness of the climate crisis, the discourse in this field in Turkey showed that unrealistic. By preventing consumers from choosing vehicles with low carbon emission, “We have no problem with the climate crisis"Is it meant to be said?

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group presented the public with flashy parade of political power (TOGG) and carried out projects also been hoodwinking consist of?

Taking into account export dependence on oil, it can create opportunities for Turkey of electric vehicles can be seen more clearly. Under the current circumstances, the sector should be encouraged more, but it is not possible to understand the impediment to development. Turkey's decision to hike lived next turn will provide small even if taken due to the economic downturn, will lead to a much greater opportunity to be missed for the future must never be forgotten.

A very rapid energy transformation has begun to occur in the world. This transformation is in the direction of the citizens providing their own energy at the point where the energy is consumed instead of the huge central power plants. Citizens change their preferences in order to protect their living spaces, make them sustainable and strengthen their economic structures. Technological developments and related cost reductions have accelerated the realization of these preferences and made them widespread.

The simplest energy scenario of the near future; The citizen will charge his electric vehicle in his garden with the electricity he generates from the panels on the roof of his house and share the extra energy he produces with his neighbor. And in this future scenario there is no search for gas stations for vehicles.

This decree, which aims to undermine the production process of the electric "domestic and national" automobile TOGG, will actually make our country addicted to fossil fuels a little more.

We hope that this decision, which means turning back on the developments in the world, will be abandoned as soon as possible and the necessary support will be given to the energy transformation.

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