5 Steps to Stop Identity Thieves in the Digital World

the step to stop identity thieves in the digital world
the step to stop identity thieves in the digital world

📩 22/02/2021 14:53

Times are changing, thieves' methods are also changing, but the damages remain the same. Used in the place of the best memories arms thieves to enter the home now attention received by moments of chasing hackers were left unprotected digital account Bitdefender Turkey General Manager Barbaros Akkoyunlu, for users who want to protect digital privacy is in important recommendation 5.

Until very recently, the biggest fear of people who locked the doors of houses was theft. Nowadays, there is a danger of seizing the accounts used in digital environments and the devices connected to those accounts. in devices and digital media too much time drawing attention to the confidentiality requirements imposed by passing Bitdefender by Turkey General Manager Barbaros Akkoyunlus, every moment of hiding your identity in the digital world as favored by hackers 5, it has an important step.

Hackers Are Watching You

From tracking the weather forecast to checking emails, from sharing content on social media channels to online shopping, many steps take place with digital identities created by users. The traces left by so many digital steps don't just stay there. Someone follows the digital footprints of 7/24 internet users and can cause a thief shock to homeowners who go on vacation without locking their door at the right moment. Stating that hackers' breath is on the back of users in the digital world, Barbaros Akkoyunlu states that at every step where digital privacy is not protected, hackers are one step closer to their goals and that bad surprises are almost left.

Maintaining Privacy Takes Time and Effort

Although their methods and strategies vary, many hackers have one goal. There is no limit to what can be done by hackers who want to capture digital identities as soon as possible. Stating that protecting privacy is nowadays based on research, following the latest security vulnerabilities, and moreover, avoiding data breaches, Barbaros Akkoyunlu points out that the people of the digital world do not spend this time and effort unless something bad happens. Drawing attention to the fact that users should strengthen their own cyber defenses before they are exposed to attacks by hackers, Akkoyunlu states that it is possible to ensure privacy in the digital world in 5 steps.

5 Important Steps for Your Digital Privacy

Privacy efforts until now perfect, even if Bitdefender Turkey General Manager Barbaros Akkoyunlus by users stating that it is better to do nothing than to do something to pay attention to the following steps;

1. Keep your accounts safe with strong, unique passwords and two-factor authentication.  One of the biggest mistakes made in the digital world is using the same passwords for each account. It is important to remember that passwords are reused, and if hackers gain access to one of your accounts's email or username and password, they won't hesitate to use those credentials to log into your other accounts.

2. Minimize your digital footprint. Share less about yourself digitally. Stay away from personal information you share in user accounts on social media and websites. The less the Internet knows about you, the better. Always remember this.

3. Delete as many old, unused accounts as possible. You can sign up for new accounts to use a random service, then forget about it. The more sites that have your data, the more likely your information will be exposed.

4. Adjust the privacy settings. Pay attention to the services you use most, and pay more attention to privacy settings. Your location, data, contacts, etc. Either disable the apps that ask permission to use them, or open them to restricted use after a good investigation.

5. Use mobile security apps. Stay up to date on violation warnings and what happens to your data. Remember that there are things you need to do for suspicious events, other than constantly monitoring your digital identity. Make an effort to use mobile security applications that will protect your devices and accounts, and perform their updates.

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