New Defense Factory for Ankara

ankaraya new defense factory
ankaraya new defense factory

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, referring to the importance of indigenization in the defense industry, said, “We managed to increase the localization rate from 2002 percent in 20 to over 70 percent. The industry's annual turnover has exceeded $ 11 billion. Approximately 30 percent of this turnover comes from exports. Turkey is not only capable of building its own defense industry, which can be exported to overseas markets came to a country. " said.

Minister Varank, in his speech at the opening ceremony of the new factory of Teknokar Savunma ve Havacılık A.Ş. Minister Varank, stating that it is necessary to invest in the defense industry in order to have a say in the international arena and economic power in the world, Minister Varank said, "The defense industry functions as a locomotive both in terms of national security and in terms of the country's economy through the technology and supply network developed in the sector." found the assessment.


Explaining that the defense industry has its own dynamics, Varank said, “In other sectors, you may buy anything with your money, but there are times when money is not valid in the defense industry. We have experienced this before, after the Cyprus Peace Operation. Actually, there is no need to go back that much. Canada, which has recently become a NATO member, has imposed an export ban for some products used in Turkish SİAVs. I can count dozens of examples like this that we live in. Although all these examples seem to be disadvantages in the short term, there are steps that pave the way for localization in the defense industry in the long term. So the bad neighbor makes the house owner. We have managed to increase the localization rate from 2002 percent in 20 to over 70 percent. The industry's annual turnover has exceeded $ 11 billion. Approximately 30 percent of this turnover comes from exports. Turkey is not only capable of building its own defense industry, which can be exported to overseas markets came to a country. " he spoke.


Varank, the sector's growth that captures the good momentum in the near future expressed that Turkey is a candidate to be one of the leading sectors, "the dollar size of turnover in the period after 2015 an annual average of 22 percent, 12 growing industry percent average annual while exports but will be more we have a way I think there are many more unexplored opportunities in the defense industry for our private sector companies. " said.


Stating that as the government, they will continue to support entrepreneurs to benefit from the opportunities in the defense industry, Varank said that they have transferred nearly 813 billion lira to 5 defense industry projects through TUBITAK, and through KOSGEB, they have supported 2018 SMEs in the defense industry in the 2020-277 period. reported that they provide. Varank stated that development agencies also provided co-financing support to 30 projects and mentioned the OIZs established to encourage the use of common resources among companies.


He said the other OSB today Ankara is included in the Teknokar Aerospace and Aviation Specialized OIZ will provide a major contribution to Turkey in the defense and aerospace industries Varank, "the region's 155 industrial plots 149 investors allocated state. When all facilities are filled with investors, we foresee an additional employment of 15 thousand people here. " he spoke.


Reminding that more than 100 thousand young people applied to TEKNOFEST's technology competitions last year, which aims to increase its qualified human resources capacity, Varank said, “TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival, also serves the socialization of the National Technology Move. Thousands of qualified young people from primary school to graduate level can apply to TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions, which are organized in different categories, to realize their dreams, until February 28. Our young people please form their teams and apply to these competitions. I hope we will organize TEKNOFEST this year as based in Istanbul. " used the expressions.


Turkey's agenda in production, employment and exports that they made efforts to keep stressed Varank, "a year in which the entire world will shake off economic growth had a positive hope. New investments do not slow down despite the pandemic. The fixed investment amount that we issued an incentive certificate in 2020 is 2019 percent above 25. All leading indicators show that we have made a strong start in 2021 in the field of production. The ISO Manufacturing PMI index increased by 3,6 points in January compared to the previous month. Our exports increased by 2,5 percent on an annual basis, breaking the all-time January record. Electricity consumption in OIZs, one of the leading indicators of production in the manufacturing industry, is 6 percent higher in January compared to the same month of the previous year. Hopefully, we will achieve a much better momentum with the implementation of our reform agenda in the field of economy and law. " he spoke.


Varank, those in Turkey, noting that efforts diversion from the main agenda and routes, "via the rector of a second assignment made in the legal framework 'Travel' dream is established. First, they waited with great enthusiasm for our government to be incapacitated during the pandemic process. Unable to find what they expected, they are now trying to cause chaos and instability over the Bosphorus, one of our country's successful universities. We trust our youth. I want to call our young people. Dear young people, please don't let organizations, especially your teachers who are ideologically obsessed, poison you. Ask your teachers: 'Where did you see university administrations determined by ballot box abroad?' Especially in a university that uses public funds, the procedure is legal and legal. Please make these inquiries to your professors who advise you to question. " He spoke in the form.


Pointing out that Teknokar Savunma ve Havacılık A.Ş., whose new factory was opened in Ankara Space and Aviation Specialized OIZ, is one of the companies that take risks and strive to add strength to the defense industry, Varank said, “Providing innovative subsystems to the defense and aviation sector. performs an important function at the point. In this context, we supported Teknokar's investment with exemptions within the scope of priority investment issues. We will see a stronger and more successful Teknokar from now on. " said.


Presidency Defense Industry Vice President Celal Sami Tüfekçi stated that they have adopted localization as a duty in defense projects and put this as a condition in the contracts, saying, “70 percent of the main platform project given to our large company in our defense industry has to be transferred to small industrialists in different categories. On this occasion, the defense industry ecosystem has been formed. " he spoke.


Ankara Chamber of Industry President Nurettin Özdebir noted that Space and Aviation Specialized OIZ is one of the projects that President Erdogan cares about and said, “This is a very important achievement for Ankara. The technology level of Ankara is in a position that cannot be compared to other cities. " said.


Teknokar Defense and Aviation Inc. General Manager Necla Yılmaz emphasized that the company will focus on opening up to the foreign market with its experience and said that the company aims to export in the near future. Yılmaz noted that the company will take part in larger projects.

Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin, Kahramankazan District Governor Engin Aksakal and Mayor Serhat Oğuz also attended the opening ceremony.

After the speeches, Minister Varank was presented with a gift in memory of the day, and the ribbon was cut after the prayer was read later.

Varank made examinations in the production and R&D Centers of the factory after the opening ceremony.

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