Most Romantic Places in Cappadocia, Turkey

The most romantic place kapadokya turkiyede
The most romantic place kapadokya turkiyede

The biggest wish of all of us for 2021 is to travel a lot. We look forward to the future of travels that we can take with peace of mind. Some of us have already started making summer plans. Those who have not yet made their plans dream of traveling. Turkey's leading air and bus tickets Enuyg the site in 2021 through a survey conducted among users that most travelers dream of established sites, has compiled the most romantic cities and trends.

The dreams of 2020 have been postponed to the summer months of 2021. Users of the dreams of 2021, most places they want to go and longing that lists Turkey's leading air and bus tickets Enuyg the site of the 2021 'has compiled the most.

The most romantic city: Nevşehir

Enuyg followers "Do you think Turkey's most romantic city where?" Nevşehir Kapadokya answered the question the most. It is everyone's dream to watch the view of the fairy chimneys together. Cappadocia, which has witnessed many marriage proposals, is also preferred for honeymoon with cave hotels. Cappadocia hotels, where you can watch the balloons taking off in the early hours of the morning, offer everything you need for a romantic holiday. The question of Turkey's most romantic city from Nevsehir, after most other answers in Antalya, Istanbul and Izmir are also available. Muğla follows these cities.

Italy and the Netherlands missed the most

Those who had a travel plan abroad in 2020 were the most upsetting. The postponement of the trips abroad, which we initially thought to be short-term, was not as short as we thought. "Where would you like to travel the most in 2021?" Most of Wingie's followers answered the question from Italy and the Netherlands. While Rome, Florence and Venice stood out as cities in Italy, Amsterdam was mostly missed in the Netherlands. Japan, Cuba, Norway and Finland were also among the most missed places. The places most desired travel to Izmir in Turkey, Gaziantep, Urfa, Adana, Antalya and it was in Kars.

The least known local flavor: Pickled peppers with milk

With the increase of domestic travels, local cuisines started to be known and preferred more. Besides our world-famous dishes such as Iskender, Adana kebab, ravioli, baklava, and wrapping, we have thousands of local delicacies. This time, Enuygun asked his followers about the little-known local delicacies, and 74% of the followers said they did not know about the milk pepper pickle. While pickled peppers with milk, made in the Thrace region, are the least known local delicacies, Antalya's tahini-flavored piyaz and batirık made in Mersin are among the lesser-known tastes with a rate of 62%.

Domestic travels will be more preferred

In 2021, domestic travel plans will be at the forefront. for nature holidays in Turkey, caravan journeys, such as glamping holiday travel and ecological types, we often see in 2021 in social media. 2021% of Enuygun followers who participated in the survey on travel trends in 55 think that domestic holidays will be more preferred in 2021. Especially for those who want to be alone with nature, there are many different destinations such as Erikli, Assos, Gökçeada, Rize and Ordu.

Digital nomadism will continue

With the widespread use of the remote working model, the connection with the city we live in has also changed. In this way, any place with internet, electricity and a desk where we can put our computer can become an office. Due to this convenience, immigration started from the city and most people moved to the Aegean Region from cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. 86% of Wingie followers said, "Will digital nomadism continue?" answered 'yes' to the question.

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