High School Exams and Teacher Assignments Statement by Ziya Selçuk

High school exams and teacher appointments from Selcuk
High school exams and teacher appointments from Selcuk

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk was a guest on A Haber live broadcast in Edirne, where he went to participate in various programs. Answering the question about the exams to be held in high schools, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk stated that they are in constant consultation with educational scientists, provincial directors and school principals.

Stating that they need to give grades to high school students to be able to give report cards, Selçuk stated that within this framework, the risk assessment of the provinces will be examined until the end of March. Minister Selçuk said: “You know, we are talking about such a thing as an appropriate decision. At the meeting held under the leadership of our President, there are duties assigned to all ministries regarding the right decision. In a city with a very high risk, the sanitation board of the province can make special decisions about that province under the supervision of the governors. That is, 'There is a very high risk here, we do not take an exam this week, let's not open the school this week, let's open it.' can say. We have standards on general principles. However, the situation of the provinces in terms of the number of cases will be managed by the sanitation board in the provinces and this committee said, 'There are no or very few cases in a province, we open our schools at the following levels.' but another province may say that "There is a very high risk in our city, we do not open this week, we do not open for two weeks." and in this process, we will postpone their exams according to the opening of schools. "

Teacher Assignments

Minister Selçuk stated that work on the teacher appointment calendar is also continuing and made the following assessment: “We held a meeting yesterday, how will this calendar be and how will it work in a short time in the next months? Our General Directorate of Personnel brought this work to us in drafts. We have two drafts, which of them should we evaluate in what way, when I return to Ankara, we will talk about this with the team and announce the appointment schedule. I am saying clearly that there should be more teacher appointments. They are right, they have dreams, they have future expectations; They will set up a house, start a family, get married, we are aware of this. Such a picture emerged as a result of evaluations made with relevant ministries within the framework of economic possibilities. Our wish and effort is for this to rise even more. "

Face to face education

Minister Selçuk also drew attention to the fact that new evaluations regarding face-to-face training continue. Emphasizing that the Scientific Committee has taken a recommendation decision, Selçuk said: “Photos are presented with the presentations and discussions made by the Ministry of Health at the cabinet meetings. As a result, the Cabinet comes to a decision and our President explains it. This process is completely completed with the recommendations of the Scientific Committee. Every 15 days, "Should we change these decisions, make new decisions, is there a need, is the situation appropriate?" evaluated as. "

Selçuk also stated that the necessary controls are made in the schools that will start face-to-face education and all the needs of the schools are supplied.

Reminding that she was vaccinated with teachers in Çorum on Wednesday, February 24, Selçuk said that the vaccination work continues in line with the determined planning. Stating that there is a planning to start the vaccine especially from village schools, Selçuk continued as follows: “We shared all the information of our 1 million 259 thousand teachers in public and private schools with the Ministry of Health about two or three weeks ago. They also made the necessary arrangements. "

Minister Selcuk, "Will only teachers in schools be vaccinated?" He stated that everyone who teaches or works in schools will be vaccinated in line with the determined planning.

Selçuk also shared information about participating in face-to-face education in schools, and emphasized that the attendance rate in the village schools was over 90 percent.

Minister Selçuk stated that they leave the majority of the management in primary schools to the schools, and that each school will take measures against the epidemic by evaluating the unique opportunities and conditions together with the standards established by the Scientific Committee.

"We Attach Great Importance to Cleaning at Schools"

Drawing attention to the importance of cleaning in schools, Minister Selçuk stated that they prepared a guide to improve hygiene conditions and prevent infection. Stating that in this guide, how a training place should be organized and which measures to be taken are included in detail, Selçuk said that the schools are inspected by teams, risk assessments are made, and if the deficiency is detected, this deficiency is quickly corrected.

Noting that the incredible attack of vocational high schools during the epidemic period has relieved them very much, Selçuk continued as follows: “Where will the cleaning materials, desks, tables come from, how will we handle the disinfectant and thermometer need?” While we were thinking in the past, we now have institutions that started exporting. We have come to a point where we can say long live vocational high school. Because they supply the needs of the country far beyond their own. Our warehouses are full, none of our schools have a need, if there is any, we will immediately prepare it and send it. "

"We Have Prepared A Package Of 14 Books For Each Student"

Minister Selçuk also stated that they offer 8th and 12th grade students different opportunities to prepare for exams. Stating that they created a special channel for students preparing for the exams, Minister Selçuk said: “Once we have two separate channels, we have special channels for the 8th and 12th grades. There, our teachers teach lessons for the exam and solve questions. This is a channel only for them. Also, other teachers teach the same lesson on TV during the week. Also, their own teachers teach the same course. They can watch movies and videos of similar courses in our video library. Look, he did four. We also have a question solution line. Students can call here and ask for help with a question that they cannot solve. We also have face-to-face training and support training courses since August last year. Around 1 million students go to school. They work in small groups, comply with all standards. They will come and go until the exam. We do not just leave students at home with television, internet and digital platforms. In addition, we prepared a package of 14 books for each student. We will present these books to students who will take the exam. "

“Our Teachers Learn All Digital Skills Kazanwas”

“128 of our teachers received international certificates in digital skills that are valid all over the world. All of our teachers have all the digital skills they need to use in their teaching life. kazanI'm sure, if we had worked for it for years, we wouldn't have been this successful.” Minister Selçuk said, “Our National Support Proposal Program is being prepared, we will announce it soon. Here are all the supports; content, broadcast, video, it will be all.” said.

Stating that they came together with around 540 thousand teachers over video conference during the epidemic period, Selçuk stated that he learned a lot from these meetings. Selçuk said, “It is very valuable to talk face to face. Talking to our teachers and seeing the field directly, listening to the staff working in the kitchen, listening to what is their main concern… This is our problem, I think it is very efficient. he spoke.

"Our National Support Suggestion Program is Preparing"

Stating that the National Support Proposal Program has been prepared and will be announced soon, Selçuk said: “There is all the support here; content, broadcast, video, it will be all. You have to take into account the following: Turkey, I say this based on the data, elementary, middle, high school, three channels can be set up and has established a separate infrastructure repeated 3 times it was one of the few countries. We have a mobile question bank with 25 thousand questions online. Let's say our students can access this mobile question bank without the internet. In addition, we have support training courses. The doors have been open since August. Let's say our student will take the exam, the school is closed now, and he can go to a school of his own type in another province in the province where this student is located and can take the exam there. He does not need to travel between provinces. He can go to the nearest school and take his exam. "

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