Europe's Second Largest Shipyard Will Be In Aliağa

Europe's second largest shipyard will be in Aliaga
Europe's second largest shipyard will be in Aliaga

Çaltılıdere Yacht and Boat Manufacturing Facility Project, which was started to be built in Aliağa and will be completed in less than 3 years, will be one of the driving forces of the region's economy. The yacht shipyard, which will be completed with an investment of 150 million Euros in Izmir's Aliağa district, will make a significant contribution to the economy of the region.

Within the scope of the studies of "Determination of Yacht Building Sites in the Aegean Region" and "Modernization and development of existing Shipyards, determination of new Shipyard areas and the establishment of facilities that will bring together the scattered boat and yacht manufacturing sites" by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Turkey; In Aliağa District, Çaltılıdere Village, Hacı Ahmet Bay, an area of ​​1.200 decares has been determined as a yacht building and boatyard area. 1/5000 and 1/1000 zoning plans related to the determined yacht building and berth area were approved and the use permit agreement was signed and the filling process started as a result of the tender made within this framework.

YATEK Was Established For What Purpose?

The main purpose of the Yacht and Boat Manufacturers Industry Collective Workplace Building Cooperative, whose short name is YATEK, is to bring together the Yacht and Boat Manufacturers who operate in industrial sites and at different points, far from the sea, to make more efficient production and to ensure that the project to compete is to provide a large foreign currency inflow to our country.

The investment cost of the project, which is planned to be completed in three years: 150 million €, project area: 1.200.000 m2. 86 workshops will be built and an estimated 15.000 people will be employed.

Caltilidere Yacht and Boat Manufacturing Facility
Caltilidere Yacht and Boat Manufacturing Facility

Within the scope of the project to be offered to the service of the local people; boat mooring place, football field, playgrounds and mosque will be built.

In the project, which has no flues and has reduced environmental damage to zero, construction materials that do not harm the environment will be used and a waste separator treatment plant will be established.


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