Eurasia Tunnel Toll Raised 26 Percent

Eurasian tunnel crossing fee increased per cent
Eurasian tunnel crossing fee increased per cent

After the bridges and highways, a hike came to the Eurasia Tunnel. Those who pass through the tunnel built with the build-operate-transfer model as of February 1 will pay 26 percent more. Increased prices will be 46 TL for cars and 69 TL for minibuses.

The following announcement was made on the website of the Eurasia Tunnel: “One-way tolls for the Eurasia Tunnel were determined as 1 TL for automobiles and 2021 TL for minibuses to be valid as of February 46, 69. Prices include 8% VAT. Only 1st and 2nd class vehicles can pass through the Eurasia Tunnel. "

With a price increase of 26 percent, the Eurasia Tunnel one-way toll for automobiles was 46 lira and for minibuses 69 lira. A vehicle owner who uses the tunnel every day will pay 2 thousand 852 lira per month for round trip. Considering that the minimum wage is 2 thousand 825 lira, the figure to be paid only for the transition corresponds to the net cost of an employee.

According to the contract, the Eurasia Tunnel toll, which is calculated twice a year, is added to the $ 4 vehicle toll per vehicle, as well as the US inflation increase (cumulative 10-year inflation is calculated at around 23 percent) and 8 percent VAT.

While the number of vehicles passing in the Eurasia Tunnel in 2018 was 17, 556 thousand vehicles were passed after the raise in 2019. After the raise, the amount of transition decreased by 17 percent. Due to the pandemic in 271, this number decreased to 1.62 million vehicles.

Günceleme: 04/01/2023 08:45

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