TCIP Calls for 100 Percent Insurance in Earthquake Week

Percentage called for insurance in dask earthquake week
Percentage called for insurance in dask earthquake week

Reminding the importance of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance during March 1 – 7 Earthquake Week, TCIP announced that the insurance rate in Turkey is 57 percent. Emphasizing the need to take precautions against earthquakes, TCIP Coordinator Erdal Turgut said in this context, Kazan“We expect policy production to continue increasingly after the campaign,” he said. After the 30 October Izmir earthquake, TCIP completed 94 percent of the damage files, and the amount of damage payment made since its establishment has been 760 million TL.

The Natural Disaster Insurance Institution (DASK) emphasized the importance of being prepared for an earthquake in its statement on the occasion of the 1 - 7 March Earthquake Week. Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is the most important financial protection against earthquakes is equipped with more than 10 million people in Turkey today guaranteed housing. The insurance rate of 57 percent in overall Turkey is watching.

Stating that everyone should be aware of the earthquake reality and take precautions by taking their part in this regard, TCIP Coordinator Erdal Turgut said:

“We express at every opportunity that the vast majority of our country's lands are at risk of earthquakes. It is not enough to remember this risk only after the earthquakes, we must be aware of it at all times and take the necessary precautions. In this context, as TCIP, we ensure that our citizens pay very affordable premiums and secure their homes with Compulsory Earthquake Insurance. We would like to emphasize that Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is the most effective financial measure to be taken against earthquakes. However, when we look at the insurance rates, we still have a long way to go. That's why we started a mobilization in 2021. 'DASK Made KazanWhile we increase the coverage of our policyholders within the scope of our 'I am paying' campaign, we do not take the premium difference. During Earthquake Week, we invite all homeowners to take advantage of the campaign and take precautions against earthquakes by getting insurance.”

'DASK Made Kazaniyor' campaign increased interest in insurance

Emphasizing that they continue to work with the goal of 100% insurance as DASK, Turgut said, “We are working to ensure that all residences within our scope have Compulsory Earthquake Insurance coverage. It is pleasing for us to see an increase in policy production after the campaign we launched for this purpose. We expect the insurance rates to increase even more, ”he said.

The average annual premium under the campaign in Turkey is estimated at £ 163. The highest coverage amount to be paid for the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance houses damaged in the earthquake rose to 268 thousand TL.

TCIP has paid 760 million TL so far

Reminding that there were 2020 major earthquakes in 2, Turgut said, “We can say that there is an increase in the interest in Compulsory Earthquake Insurance after the Elazig and Izmir earthquakes. As TCIP, we started our work with the aim of completing the payments rapidly after the earthquakes. We paid 24 million TL for the Elazig-centered earthquake that took place on January 269. We finalized 30 percent of the damage files opened after the October 94 Izmir earthquake and paid 266 million TL. As DASK, the total amount of payments we have made so far has reached 760 million TL ”.

Turgut said, “Our biggest motivation is that Compulsory Earthquake Insurance holders whose houses were damaged in the earthquake, can rebuild their lives and return to their old living standards in a short time with the payments they receive from TCIP. Izmir earthquake insurance after we receive our thanks, Turkey target to deliver 100 percent of insurance has motivated us even more, "he said.

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